Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


You are not a representation of something less than yourself. You are more than yourself when Christ is your life. ‘More’, that is than a cross on which to nail some good achievements. ‘More’ as in an integrated and whole person. ‘More’ as in a son of God. You are more for one simple reason. You are more because His Spirit manifests as you. As a son you are the expression of Your Father.

You have heard of the saying, ‘Less is more.’ This is certainly so in the realm of sonship. Before the fall Adam and Eve lived in God, were one with God in the freedom and innocence of being themselves. No need to attempt to be ‘as Gods.’ Their nature was that they were sons of God in spirit and in truth. No striving or additions required. No religion and certainly no law. They were the expression of God as sons.

We have been returned to this state of being. Many think being re-born is embarking on a new and moral life. They have left behind their drunkenness and have now embraced a life of Christian virtues. But this is not rebirth. It simple marks a change from a bad morality to an improved one that is sporadic in effect, superficial in nature and does not give us what we so badly need – a new us! We are born again because of Jesus’ cross where our Adam life was put to death and our Jesus life became ours from His resurrection.

When Paul talks of Christ our life he is not telling us about a new program of morality. He is telling us that Christ now lives in us by the Spirit to share the love and grace of our Father and the life of God. This is the ‘law’ on our hearts and has nothing to do with Mosaic rules or churchly morals. This is none other than the person of Jesus manifest as you!

Variations of our falsely imagined separation from God surface in statements like, ‘What would Jesus do?’ Firstly Jesus is not separate from you. Secondly there is not a list of goodly options separated from you hanging in the air like some new testament ‘law.’ Thirdly Jesus is in you and with you. Fourthly by the Spirit His thoughts are your thoughts, His heart your heart and His motivation your motivation. Similarly we may be urged to ‘Keep close to Jesus.’ But Jesus is not distant from us. He is not separate from us. As the Bride of Christ we are part of His being. As well as this we are no more successful at keeping close to Jesus than we are at than keeping the law. In Christ – and because of His vicarious life for us – we are always as close to Jesus is He is to Himself and the Father.

The gospel of the Kingdom is more simple and more powerful than religion would have it. Just believe.

Francois Du Toit tells how God expresses His life in us, ‘God does not remote control my conversation and then, oops, you know, you shouldn't have said that. God is expressing in us his own conversation, exhibiting and displaying in bold splendour his workmanship, [you] the trophy of his design and of his excellence.’ You are the expression of our Father. You are a son of God!