Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Religion is what we have when we are separate from God - or think we are. Religion is what we have when we do not know God, when we live in veils instead of the reality that is Christ. Religion is what we offer when we have made for ourselves, or had it made for us, a misshapen God. From the beginning the Enemy insinuated that there was something dishonourable about Father; something that He was holding back. But no. Father is the kindest person in the universe. In the fall human beings toppled into religion. In the resurrection people found themselves in God in Jesus Christ.


To know God is to revel in Jesus Christ. To see Jesus is to see our Father and to know our real selves. To live in Jesus is to be one with our Father and have the Spirit without limit. To have the Spirit without limit is to enjoy Christ come in our flesh; in our flesh to be the manifestation of a son of God and the Son of Man. We are fully sons in Jesus Christ and fully human in the Son of Man.

Michael Kapler writes, “Religion will persistently attempt to make it appear as though Gentiles are meant to be under law. If it's not the Mosaic law, it will be a mod­ernized version of it. Much like there were many hundreds of laws or commands in a package called the law, the same is true with the many curses mentioned in the Old Covenant contained in what would be called the curse, arriving through that same law.” We might observe that religion tries to make it appear that everyone is under law of some kind and that law is the way we should be expressing our Christianity. We would if we were living in a religion but we are not. We are living in a life. Jesus is our life. We do not become righteous from the law and we do not become empowered by a taxonomy of spiritual gifts.

Religion attempts to make it appear that Jesus is the custodian of the law and the grand-helper to keep the law. But He is not. Jesus did not live in the law. He lived from His Father. We are not meant to live from the law as keepers of the law or from a modernised version of ‘must-dos.’ Many Christians live from an informal agenda of things we should do or abstain from. Not a few have about six things that they think mark them out as a Christian. But Christy is not their life and they are not really alive.


Some Christians believe God has given them a fresh revelation of a raft of things we must do to be alive and one with God. Father will never give us a list when He has given us His Son. He makes no addition to His Son. God gave Himself. He gave us His Son. He graced us with a life  who expresses Himself as you. Today Jesus freely gives Himself to live in us, to be our life and to manifest as as. This is the one and only revelation of our life in God. The fruit of this revelation is you!