Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Paul says, ‘Count it all joy!’ when what you thought was light has been revealed as a fog of darkness. Liberation is our inheritance in the Spirit of Liberty.

‘Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom’ 2 Cor 3.17 NIV. Conversely, where the flesh of the law is we are separated from spirit and light.

Life in the Spirit is union with God. It multiplies from union with God – never from separation taught as sound doctrine. If we are still teaching law, or have defined a sectional way of life as a gospel, we have planted tares and not wheat. We are with Moses and not with Father; with Adam and not with Jesus. But there is a position and a life for us in Christ.

Jesus is the vine. Father is the root. The trinity as the family of God is the garden. We are the branches that are sustained and grow from the flow of life that comes from this union with God. You don’t have to do something, many things or anything to be one with Father. He has already drawn you into Himself through the divine conspiracy – the plan revealed in Jesus and realised in you; the plan that has been devised before the foundation of the world and embraces you right now.

Should we imagine that we have something additional to the gospel of Jesus, John and Paul we are sadly deluded. Should we believe that we have acquired an identity dependent on something extrinsic to our identity in Christ we are out of wack with the Kingdom. Should we presume that there is some key to the Kingdom other than ‘You are the Christ, the Saviour of the world,’ we live in sad confusion. If Christ is our life we walk in the light of certainty and life to the full.

Alert Believers are finding out today that it is not our thing to ‘receive Christ.’ We have already been received and drawn in by Him.

Union with God is life. Separation from God is death. This is why theologies that use the name of Jesus yet assume we remain separate from God are so pernicious. They appear to be godly yet belong to the initial delusion perpetrated by Satan. ‘Do this something else and you will be as gods.’ Well they already where sons of God, birthed directly from the trinity itself. They were never ‘mere’ humans,
giving rise to the saying, ‘You are gods.’ WE ARE GOD’S SONS.’ Live from this reality and you will be alive with spirit and life.

Of course we do not possess divine attributes. But we do express the character and nature of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Satan attempts to perpetrate his original delusion today. This is the delusion that we live in some kind of separation. Since the cross we are one with God, sons of God in the truest sense having the same relationship that Jesus has with His Father.

Jesus relationship to His Father is your relationship.

If you put into practice the message of these posts you will move increasingly into life without limit.
Separationism is not taught here. You will transition from a limited existence to the unlimited spirit and life as a son of God. There are some, however who avoid the truth having a ‘truth’ off their own. They avert their eyes because they fear that if they read and believe what is here they will have to abandon almost all of what they have regarded from a child as sound doctrine. Their religion seems more important to them than their Christ. Indeed they have made a false christ from their religion They are married to a christ. But not to the Christ of God.

‘False Christs’ are more likely to be our self-constructed christs than occult figures.


So if it is pointed out by those who love us that we are living in some doctrinal cul-de-sac or some dead end that veils Christ and ourselves; if some apostolic message invites us back to the fullness of Christ and the glory of sonship that we have never known or have forgotten; if a genuine minister of the Kingdom reveals that we have been imprisoned in a cunningly devised fable that has become a culture and a jail and would act to let us out and point us in the direction of our freedom in Christ; if a teaching is designed to empower us to be oaks of righteousness rather than weeds and a stiff-necked people – then let’s listen up! Repent and enter the fullness of the New and living Way that is our inheritance as sons and daughters of the free woman.

Some retreat into offence. Others to sulking. When confronted by truth they withdraw into passive aggression. It’s how they relate to anything that jars their world view. But it cuts them off from reality and growth and leads to ever increasing deafness to the truth. We can trudge along on the tread-mill of ‘what I have always believed.’ We can take offence and sulk when someone confronts us with the reality that is Christ and bids us come out from the shadows of ‘other gospels.’ Or we can repent, turn towards the light and leap about with joy like kids released from the hum-drum of the school day.