Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


A great distress of the times is the presentation of folly as truth. Dogmatism and one-eyed thinking is presented as an alternative ‘way.’ ‘Common sense’ that is really ‘my personal ignorance’ is elevated as equal to expertise and informed opinion. This needs to be seen for what it is: foolishness. People reject sound evidence because of pride. Because they don’t want to receive it on the grounds that acting according to the evidence counteracts all they have always believed and because it upsets their routine and the status quo that is their security and possibly their ‘god.’

A doctrine is not true because it’s ‘your perspective.’ It has no validity just because it is your long held perspective and distinguishes you from the Christian herd. It is valid when what you believe is fact and nonsense when it is contrary to the evidence. How many know that if the new covenant was lived out in many megachurches they would have to close and some denominations would have to dissolve themselves on the grounds that they had built on doctrinal sand?

Lies bind and truth liberates. Lies can embed themselves in cultures, multiply as if they are truth and in so doing produce communities of the spiritually lame. They take satisfaction in possessing some distinctive but are unable to see that it is the kind of distinctives that leaves one with one eye instead of two.

Truth liberates, exposes lies, releases life in its fullness and bathes us in unpolluted light. Your religious community is not heading towards freedom and light because you get your identity from it. Human caused climate-change is not a fantasy because you opted for commerce and never studied history and could make nothing of science. You don’t have access to end-times understanding just because you read a book by someone who understood neither the new covenant or the nature of prophecy or the Kingdom of God.

I received this in an email recently.
‘Public discourse is shrouded in a fog of competing claims, disinformation and spin. You can see this already in the rise of hostility toward experts. Without journalists with the skills to weigh competing claims, public debate is a free-for-all. Those who shout the loudest prevail and those who know what they’re talking about withdraw in dismay.’

Well. I’m not about to withdraw in dismay. Neither am I dependent on secular journalism. But neither am I about to lie down in the face of an ignorant version of Christianity that is not the Kingdom, that is marinated in moral superiority and is the opposite to ‘there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.’ There is a new and living way and this way is totally Christ our life.

Any ‘way’ or mode of thought and prescription for the way ahead that is not Christ did not come from God. In Him we live, move and have our being. That is, unless we have our own way and our own monstrous distortion of the kingdom based on ignorance of the new covenant and what we call ‘common sense.’

A believer was heard to remark. ‘Thankyou God’ when he learned of Mr Trump’s appointment to the US preseidency. Some of the silliest ideas I have heard come from Christians who are naive enough to think that the rise of Mr Trump to president of the USA is a good idea. Supposedly champions of morality one must ask what kind of lop-sided morality they adhere to.

Put aside for a moment the gross irresponsibility of choosing a person that is incompetent and possessed of the idea that the
law exists for the benefit of his self-obsession. Then consider this: The Kingdom of God is about life in Jesus. He presented Himself as life for all and life to the full. This is why the ‘Christianising’ of the knowledge of good and evil is so misguided and its dumbing down to a politicised moral war is so disappointing. If you and your variety of Christianity are responsible for President Trump, don’t expect the sagacious non-believer to have any confidence in ‘your faith.’

The Kingdom of God’s Son does not depend on opposing same sex marriage or holding some position in regard to Israel. All morality and ethics is subordinate to the supremacy of Jesus and is the expression of His person. Don’t imagine that we know Him if all we possess is a Christian Ideology.

The Kingdom of God is Christ our life and Jesus from first to last. It is Jesus who is the Saviour of the world, Jesus manifest as you and I – not Barabbas and the promotion of carnality with a Christian face. The establishment of any kingdom on the basis of oppression and violence – as in Israel- is as far from Jesus as it’s possible to get. Don’t assist the spirit of anti-christ in the name of Christianity. He who sits on David’s throne is none other than the King of the Jews. And this kingdom is more than Israel. It fills the entire earth with His glory.