Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


People do not always disqualify themselves from the fullness of Christ because they are rebels. Or because they wilfully religious. Or because they are stupid. Yet they may be religious because this is all they have been taught, all they know and all they think is spiritual. Spirituality is best described as being fully human and fully alive. This is us being sons of God. Not in religious terms but in spirit and in truth. This is so when Christ’s life is our life.

If our religious culture has assumed that we are separated from God and the onus is in us to get into the Christ-life that is offered we will intuitively focus on
doing. If we have been fortunate in having lived among those who live in God and have been schooled by those who understand our already achieved at-one-ment we will have a head start both in rest and holiness. We will be holy as God is Holy because He lives in us and infuses Himself into our being. It’s not about us joining Christ’s life and heaven’s community. We have already been included in this and will always belong.

The confusion of
separation theology has us striving for what is already ours. Paul says dogmatically that Christ is our life. But separatist theology revises this downwards to make it us attempting to live as Christians and do Christian things with Jesus’ help. It’s not this at all. It is Jesus incarnated and manifest in us by the Spirit of Sonship.

We live in spirit and truth when we agree that Jesus is our life and that we and Father are one. It is this oneness of being that is our comfort and our transformation.