Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


First let’s put away any thought that God was caught off guard when Adam and Eve fell for Satan’s lie that Father was less than He was letting on and they were somehow incomplete. The trinity foresaw the fall, and put in place a plan - a plan in which all that was death would be swallowed up in life and all that was fractured and separated would be made one in God’s Son.

Father was never hostile to human beings. Distrust, alienation, fear and hostility have all be on our side. Satan sowed a seed into our souls that germinated in thoughts, beliefs and doctrines that instilled the lie that God is against us. But God has always been for us and His ‘For us’ is seen in the person of His Son.


The seed of distrust flowered and bore fruit as alienation from Father and separation from our real selves. The key effect of the fall is separation from God. Separation from God results in a dichotomised ‘us’ and a dualistic worldview in which we commonly think in binaries. The result is the inferior intellectual framework of the knowledge of good and evil. Here varying values, moralities and sacrednesses are ascribed arbitrarily to what is meant to be the wholeness of creation. But the creation is one even in its fallen state. It is even more so in its progressive resurrection. Jesus is this resurrection  and new creation in Himself. He is the one new man who makes us one - one with God, one with ourselves, one with each other and one with the creation.

Jesus Christ has joined us to God and God to us. We were never abandoned. But in the Son of Man who is God in fullness we have been made one with God in heart, spirit, soul and body. JESUS CHRIST HAS COME IN THE FLESH. There is a lot in this. God came among us as a human being. At Pentecost the Son of Man entered human flesh by the Holy Spirit. In Christ we are joined to the trinity, joined to heaven and joined to the earth as restorers and rejuvenators of creation.

The son of God in a stable was the beginning of the incarnation. The endpoint of the incarnation is Christ in you. This is your today and everyday life. There is no place holier than Christ in you and with you. And not just holy in a pious sense. There’s more than a burning bush today. There’s a burning creation filled with new creation life.

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In the new testament age we are called to live in Christ who is our life. In Jesus we live in Father and realise our true status as sons of God. In Jesus the trinity lives in us.  The cross undid our estrangement and the dichotomy of us on one side and God on the other. We and God are one in Jesus and the trinity is manifest by the Spirit as us. There’s nothing weird or abstruse about this. It is simply Christ come in our flesh and its implications for fellowship with God and ourselves. Paul called this ‘Christ our life.’ J Baxter Kruger has called it perichoresis. He writes, ‘We could define perichoresis as “mutual indwelling without loss of personal identity.” In other words, we exist in union with the Triune God, but we do not lose our distinct personhood in the process.’

The notion of sin as the transgression of the law is very limited indeed. It is limited because we can be law-keepers and totally nasty people and limited because as legalists we can never rise above being a parody of our true selves. Legalism makes us a pathetic representation of God. Live from the law and try as we might we will never be better than the twisted yellow grass that grows under the bag someone left out on the lawn.

Rules and religiosity  distort people and many who are non-believes are astute enough to see this. Sin is an assault on righteousness and justice but it is so as a result of separation from God. A better definition of sin is the choice to live in separation from God. The insidious deceit arising from attachment to religion and law is that it separates us from God.

The key to a holy life is not a regime of pieties. In the social sphere is it not a war against bad morality either. A holy life is ours because Christ has offered to be our life. We would enjoy more holiness and certainly more wholeness if we just relaxed and allowed Jesus to be our life instead of us straining to copy His life.



It’s significant to note that Jesus never condemned people for their many and assorted sins. But He had severe words for those who refused to come to Him for life and forgiveness. Jesus, in His person takes away our sin and our separation from God. In Himself He makes us one with God. In Jesus you are joined heart to heart, spirit to Spirit, soul to soul and body to body with the Holy Family.

‘He is before all things, and in him all things hold together’ Col 1.17 NIV.

Dualism and the split universe of good and evil are undone in the person of Jesus in you. In the Son of Man you are made one with the sons and daughters of men and women. In the unique individuality and separate identity of each member of the trinity you are confirmed as a man or a woman with an authentic and God given identity. As sons and daughters of the Creator and brothers and sisters of the the new creation Adam, we have been given sovereignty over the earth, over society and over nations. Not to control these entities but to seed new creation life into them as agents of God and co-laborers filled with His resurrection and life.

‘And through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross’ Col 1.20 NIV.

In Father we live, move and have our being. Jesus has made this possible. We are one in union with Him and ourselves as we are hidden in God. The revealing of the self occurs as sons realise themselves in our Father. The amazing diversity that is His church that brings into being the new creation Kingdom of God is found as we participate in what already belongs to us: Our union with God.

‘And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ--everything in heaven and on earth’ Eph 1.7 NLT.


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