Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


There is much to be said for the liberal perspective. It is the child of the Renaissance and the Reformation in that it is non-authoritarian and open minded. Because it is founded on grace, it is pluralistic - up to a point. There is no relativism in the Kingdom of God’s Son but there is diversity - so much so that the Christian Community in all its variety is the manifestation of the fullness of Jesus Christ.

Human marriage and family is an image of the reality that is the trinity. God is three distinct persons who celebrate their togetherness in extravagant harmony and individuality. Yet God is one. So full of joy and satisfaction was trinitarian life that there was a desire to share this fullness of life. This desire to share, this extravagant love resulted in the birth of the human race. In Birthing Adam and then Eve, God birthed humanity and its genius for diversity and creativity.

Men and women are the expression of God. Women, it needs to be said, in their beauty, femininity, motherliness and nurturing power are an expression of the trinitarian nature of God.

Marriage emulates trinitarian life in that babies appear in the world as a result of love, intimacy, ecstasy and joy. Human beings were similarly created as a result of trinitarian joy and love. We are made in the image of God. In union with God we express Godliness as sons and daughters of God. This is why sons can only be sons in spirit and in truth when one with our Father. God is resolute in securing this outcome. Your membership in the trinitarian circle is already accomplished and is the basic fact of your life. It cannot be undone unless you decide to walk away from it, choosing you own way and rejecting your gift of union with God.

So despite our spotty and erratic performance, we always belong and are positioned to be revealed more completely as sons, simply by resting in God and believing His Son.

In the new covenant Christ is your life. He is our life because He has forgiven our sin, covered us in His grace and become one with us as a human being. As such He has drawn us into the presence of God, making us one with God. The at-one-ment of the Father is the Son and you in Him.

A summary of the new covenant can be found in Galatians 2.20,21. The new covenant is not listed like the Ten Commandments because it is not a list of prescriptions. It is a life. It is God’s life as your life in Jesus and Holy Spirit and your life in God’s life. Paul expressed this in another place as ‘Christ your life’ and mentioned the result of this by speaking of our togetherness in God by The One Spirit.

‘But the person who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with him’ 1 Cor 6.17 NLT. The NLT has the best meaning here. We are one spirit with the trinity. Jesus is involved in drawing the entire creation into oneness with Himself. This is the gospel of the Kingdom and new creation. There is no legitimate alternative perspective to this. Any divergence here becomes another gospel and a heresy.


The liberal perspective is irrelevant to these facts. None are at liberty to drum up their own perspective by adding or subtracting from
this gospel of the Kingdom. If your gospel is not this gospel it is not of the Kingdom and its source is the pit and its spirit is anti-Christ.

Paul warned against teaching and gospels that conform to the principles of the world. The carnal principle here is the knowledge of good and evil. Lesser principles all rely on the flesh and self-effort but are devoid of spirit and life. The gospel of the Kingdom is authoritarian in that there is but one way to limitless life - the person of Jesus. There is one consequence of Jesus’ cross and the Outpouring of Holy Spirit:Life to the full. There is one life that is your life and the life of the entire new creation: Christ our life. So where does diversity come in? Diversity reigns in the sons of God. In sons filled with the Spirit of Sonship and manifesting each in their unique way the limitless life of the the person of Jesus.

You have a right to the tree of life. But don’t ever imagine that you have any right to a personal or denominational perspective that neutralises the cross and denies the old covenant. We have no right to substitute the law come in the flesh for Christ come in our flesh. To do so is to live your life and to teach others to live their Christian inheritance in shallows and in miseries - a half life when they could have been living in the fullness of spirit and life. Liberal thought applied to the new covenant denies our competency to minister the eternal an infinite life of God. It crucifies Jesus anew and make those who do it dead men walking.