Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


When we come to the Lord he makes us ‘be ourselves.’ Not someone else. Coming to the Lord is not just coming to church. It is you enveloped in Jesus. Paul described it this way. ‘In Him we live, move and have our being.’ This is total. It’s a thing of the Spirit that overtakes our body. It is a life. In fact it is spirit and life. It is Christ come in you and I and people like Rowan. Here is his account of his present India Trip with the pastors there.

THE TRAVELS OF A BLIND MAN INDIA TRIP - Lead By The Spirit In The Power Of The Spirit.
Off to a small village near Coimbatore about two hours’ drive away down the mountain range for a pastor’s conference. This is the same place I called down rain from heaven to break a drought on last year’s trip. So this year it's just as hot but nearly double the people there in this tin shed on the back of a house.

After a time of worship I get up to speak but like most times I have no idea what the Spirit wants to say. I am about to give a greeting when I am asked what happened last year and what did they learn from Jesus? This question takes me by surprise as I know and they know what happened. Now I am confused. So I give the greeting and pause for about 20 seconds trying to work out what to do with this question (Oops I am a slow thinker) Then the voice says to me ask them the question.

Now I am off and running with POWER in my speaking like I have never seen before and preached a sermon totally from the thoughts the HOLY SPIRIT SPOKE TO ME as I was speaking. I was quoting from the Bible texts where I was only guessing where they were and looking them up on the run so to speak and finding them quickly and putting them together in a flowing way so they made sense.

This preaching was another display of Gods fire being released through me for his Glory. Any way about 80 minutes later 30 people were claiming that had been healed from pain or had received a miracle form God without me touching them personally or praying for them personally.

WOW. We then did another 40 minutes of ministry, healing another 30 or more people, driving out demons of affection and healing another boy from a deaf and dumb spirit that had been afflicting him from birth, letting him speak and hear for the first time in his about 14 years. Everyone there was touched by God in a big way, for me bringing on tears of overwhelming Joy.  God you are so Good. This ministry is very draining on the physical body and very empowering in the emotional and spiritual sense.  On the way home we stopped to bless a few more people and released more healing. O what a Blessed day Thank you Jesus.

There’s more to the Kingdom than holding elder’s meetings in order to perpetuate the church. More to be done than showing others what kind people Christians are so that we imply that there must be a God. Yes, more than that. There’s doing things that only God can do if He is real and here among us!