Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


You can live a holy and wholesome life with Christ alone as your life. This is because you are meant to. Jesus is life personified. Our life in God is not mere moralism. Nor is it the irritating contrived piety that some mistake for godliness.

It’s more than posing with an altruistic, benevolent face and it’s not adherence to a belief system. It’s Christ as you. This is the meaning of the spirit of sonship. You and Father being one. Not because you did something but because God did everything – he has covered all you need to be as a son of God and robust and human, human-being.

Life is not a plan of
not doing. It is the state of being – of being a son!

The trouble with trying to be godly through rules and strictures is that it can make us ‘a pain.’ It makes you less than you were, provokes self-righteousness and a judgmental spirit. You cant be human through things that are less than yourself. This is why it takes Christ as your life to become who you really are as a free and uninhibited individual. A person who is free of Christ is never free and a person who is not free of religion is never fully human.


Personhood comes from God. The trinity are individual persons and one God. The essence of their personhood is spirit and life. Not just in the human sense but in the sense of the supernatural spirit of life that is the trinity and all who are infilled by them. The Bible says, ‘We will make our home in them’ when we believe that Christ is our life.

It’s not believing in Christ that is the key. It’s believing that He is personally our life that counts. Jesus is either personal for us or He is nothing. If the latter, we have an ideology but not the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom is family. Family because the sons and daughters are one with Father.

Some live from an ideology and a belief system almost entirely. Or from a religion called Christianity. They may talk about ‘My Faith’. Yet they go silent when there is talk about
Jesus as a real person who is part of a someone’s life. It’s not because they are sensitive about their inner feelings. It’s because a personal Jesus is not part of their living. Some law-based matrix of ‘doings’ is their un-life. The more we live like this the smaller our being and the less we are as sons.

We had a home group once. Some of those in it began a stronger and more powerful relationship with Jesus. Others in it took offence at this and left. Not only because the group became directly engrossed in Jesus rather than in ‘head banging.’ But because people began to sing songs that directly praised Jesus. They started treating Jesus as if He were God and the son of God who was present among them. The difference between those who praise Jesus as Lord and those who just sing songs about Him, composed hundreds of years ago, can be the difference between spiritual life and spiritual death.

Yet our life in God is more than praise and worship. Much more. Worship is a life. Worship is Christ’s life as your life. His life as our life. If you are living out of religion in the hope that you are pleasing God and doing a good deed for yourself, think again. You are doing God, the world and you a disservice. You are living in the shadow rather than the reality. The reality is Christ – not a religion, not a moral scheme, not a routine. It’s Christ as you, Christ as us, Christ through us to be the new creation. The new Jerusalem is probably not going to descend from heaven. It is going to manifest through you, through the church – the one Jesus builds without human hands by the multiplication of Himself in us.


His Kingdom is our union with God and the experience of being ourselves in this union. Jesus’ life manifesting in our being, Jesus making us who we are and filling with His spirit everything we make. This is how the new creation appears. Through you, the life of Father, Son and Holy Spirit becomes our life personally and as the society that flows from our being. This is the new creation in spirit and in truth. Real because it is Christ come in our flesh. Real because in this new and living way it is His Kingdom come in the world. Christ in you the expanding glory!