Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Many of us do not understand how subtle and extensive the knowledge of good and evil is, or the effect it has on our notions of God and a vision of ourselves. It diminishes both. This is why we need to know who God is in terms of the new covenant and who we are as son and new covenant beings. Briefly put, we are not sons in the old and we are in the new - at least not sons living in our inheritance. Paul warns of this in Galatians when he describes the differences between the children of Sarah and the children of Hagar. Hagar’s sons do not live in their inheritance of spirit and life.

Recently our topic was RELEVANCE. Jesus is the Door to relevance. The knowledge of good and evil is the door to the law. The law is the door to religion. Religion is the door to separation from God and separation is the door to spiritual blindness and spiritual coma. This is the essence of what Jesus is saying in
Revelation three. ‘I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!’ As a young man I thought this scripture was meant to fire us up to greater zeal and fiery fervour. Not so. It describes the life of the old covenant man and the old covenant woman - alive but not alive; talking God but lacking spirit and life.

With Jesus as our life we are one with our Father and our Father in Heaven is in us. Religion can be well-meant and sincere. But it is a blunt instrument. In Jesus we are sons. In religion we are workers. The old covenant captures us in religion. The new covent situates us in our Father as sons. He we operate in the spirit of sonship. In religion we work with the best of intentions doing what seems good at the time. In the new covenant we and Father are one and we do only what Father is doing.

The gifts of the Spirit are not a replacement for our new covenant life in our Father. The gifts and spirit and life will quickly fade or never emerge if we are not aligned with what God has done for us in Jesus - namely made one with Father. Spirit and life and the gifts are a function of union with God and the Spirit of Sonship that results. Here flow rivers of living water. In the old covenant mindset we can manage a few droplets by grace.


But here’s the thing. In the law we are not one with God. Loved by God, yes, but not one with God because we remain in Adam’s separation. The point is we are not separated. We need to believe in what is and in what God has done to position us in Himself. Don’t create your own abysmal reality and live in this because the reality in you head is the one you live in. Say ‘yes’ to God’s new covenant reality and be alive in His Spirit

Jesus was always relevant - exquisitely so. He was not only excellent in timing but filled with spirit and life on every occasion. Grace affords the opportunity to leave behind what is irrelevant and ineffectual and advance into perfect relevance and absolute fruitfulness.

In religion we will cling to what is familiar even thought it is self-evidently irrelevant. Or self-evident to those whose eyes see and ears hear. When Christ is our life we are one with life, fruitfulness and in tune with our Father and His macro and micro planing for the advance of new creation life.