Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


You don’t have to be Mother Theresa to impact the world for God. Touching others with the life of Jesus is more simple and powerful than many of us think. If Jesus is not a construct we hold in our mind like our play lunch in a bag; if we have pursued Him in response to His pursuit of us and if we have obeyed His instruction not to go out to labour for Him without the baptism of Holy Spirit, then we can expect that His burden will be light and our witnessing will be easy.

In Trinitarian Conversations Cathy Deddo writes

‘I don’t just work for Christ but he is in me, and his Spirit is
always working and the Father is always already leading, then I began to realize the
best way I could understand it was, do I believe that God is really here in my
conversation with you and my conversation with other people? Is he
working already in your life?

The answer to that question is that He is and more. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are working in you as a Team. Jesus declared that when we believe Him and receive Him as life, Father and Holy Spirit together with Him, take up residence in our person and our activities. For example when we live in the Spirit and read a portion of scripture the infinite life of God flows through those very words.

Cathy then reveals a truth about ‘witnessing’ – an activity that we often regard as something almost artificial and religiously contrived where we find ourselves going forth to hang our witness like a dead albatross on some unsuspecting non-believer.


What I have tried to help other people with, what I have tried to do for myself, is
live as if God, the God I’ve come to know in Jesus, is more real in some ways even
than I am.

He already is mediating in Christ between me and somebody else. His
spirit is already at work so when I am with somebody else. I try to listen to what he is
saying. I attempt to live in his presence, abide in him, and not speak until I have a
sense of what he has for me to say. It makes relationships more dynamic in that
sense and it helps me to remember that my role in being with people is to remain
in the peace of God, not try to fix anything, not try to answer all the questions right
away, but to see what God has for me to say.