Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


It’s a great advantage to live in all God has done for us rather than in just a smidgeon of it. The most miserly form of Christianity is to live in separation when Jesus has given us union with God.

Sin is not the focus of God. Did you know that the big deal of the new testament age is not that we have been forgiven for our sins – nifty as this is. No, the big deal is the incarnation. I’m talking about Christ in you. But Jesus living in your being is not just all this is. There’s more.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit have taken up residence in your person. That’s if we believe in Jesus and not in some shadow of Him – a shadow like some kind of gospel ideology that’s really the knowledge of good and evil dressed up as the Kingdom. This is what Christianity is for many. Religion. Religion minus spirit and life, minus revelation and authority over circumstance and the Enemy. It looks pious because it involves Jesus’ name and some good deeds. But why live death when you can live resurrection? So here’s the question: Are you living in Adam or in Jesus?

Transcendent life is a state of being – of being sons. Our growth into glory comes not from becoming an excellent moralist or a charity worker. We emerge as our real selves as sons of God because Christ is our life. In His Spirit we are well able to live whole and holy lives and assist the less fortunate as well as touch them with the presence of God. Why? Because we are sons and not workers.

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All have been joined to God – in principle. We need to believe this and live in it for it to be real. If we are thinking separation we will live in separation because separation is the reality we have created in our mind. You can choose your reality. Hence the importance of sound doctrine.

We need to live in spirit and truth and not in the illusions of our own minds. We have not received what Jesus has done if we are not living our new covenant inheritance of union with God. Don’t exist in personal blindness or in a ditch ministered to by blind leaders of blind folks. This ditch has been created by the father of lies and reinforced by doctrines of demons - all acting in the spirit of anti-christ. Let’s be clear. We don’t need to be occultists to be degraded by this spirit. The greatest anti-christ stronghold in the Christian church is the illusion of separation entailed in the wide-spread old covenant mindset.

Nothing can compare with knowing that we and Father are one and living this out as a son. This is the height of comfort and purpose. It means we will only be doing what Father is doing. We will be privy to His heart and what He can see and what He knows. More than this, we will be part of Him – sons.

‘He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life’ 2 Cor 3.6 NIV.

We minister the Kingdom Jesus began as new covenant people who are sons and not slaves. Because Christ is our life we are in the spirit and not in the letter. As such we minister life and not death, not the letter but the spirit of life. We are the manifestation of Jesus and are harbingers of His resurrection life. Old covenant living in the new covenant age is death pretending to be life. Christ our life is life without limit.

You will not be a blind person leading other blind people in your new covenant union with God. With Christ as your life, you will live constantly in the spirit of wisdom and revelation. When you speak in conversation or in teaching you will multiply spirit and life. But here’s the thing. People tied to the law are not people of wisdom and revelation even if they are speakers of well-crafted sermons. They are muffled individuals with a muffled message. Nothing sharp and powerful here! The wisdom and revelation of God comes not from individuals bound to the law. Spirit and life, wisdom and revelation and the spirit of sonship are ours when we rest in what is ours: Union with God.