Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


In this age our forgiveness for sins is absolute. We are secure in God. More than being regarded as ‘just as if I had never sinned,’ we are graced with the life of Jesus – His life as ours. This is God’s gift to us, our possession and inheritance as the sons and daughters of God. In Jesus we are forgiven for ‘sins’ and from sin. We are forgiven for our life in Adam and given our life in Christ. Just as we were defined as sinners on account of being the progeny of Adam, so we are accounted alive and righteous because we are the progeny of Jesus, the Second Adam.
‘For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive’ 1 Cor 15.22 NIV.
I knew some good folks who had become hung-up on the notion of ‘legal rights.’ They had absorbed the idea that to sin - which we all do - leaves us vulnerable to attack and manipulation by the Enemy. They say it gives him ‘legal rights’ over us. Not so. Such rights were demolished at the cross. Because of Jesus Satan has no rights over you whatsoever. When you slip into sin and when you don’t.

‘For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord’ Rom 8.38.39 NIV.
Jesus took our sin and we got His righteousness. Now to see Jesus is to see ourselves. This is the reality that is Christ. Every pretension of the devil, every shadowy insinuation and claim to influence your life was annulled in his defeat at the cross. The devil has no rights over any Believer, much less any rights related to law and obligation.
However there is a weakness that undermines our peace and joy in Christ. It comes from our being robbed by the father of lies so that our status in our heavenly Father is obscured or eliminated by wrong belief. This is why we need the teaching of Jesus and the doctrine of the apostles and not christian myth and cunningly devised fables masquerading as the truth of God.
Mavis could not and would not absorb the truth of life in the Spirit (Romans 8) into her life because it seemingly robbed her of the opportunity to earn and justify her worthiness to God.
If sin cannot separate us from God unbelief can. Not in reality but in an illusory belief.
Wrong belief can blind us and dispossess us to the inheritance that we already possess and deny its effect on our lives. This is the sad status of any who insist on living in law and old covenant, when God has provided the new and living way of Christ our life. Through unbelief and imagining that we have some special teaching and unique identity that recommends us, we can deny our treasure. We can leave it in the ground to press on in our conceit and the futility of earning our self-worth. But grace is active in attempting to secure our living in the fullness of Christ and His accomplishments for us. We can live in grace and truth or deny truth and fumble along in grace.
In the book ,
In the Eyes of Grace, we find..
What a joy to know that all my sins were completely dealt with
and there is no day I will be judged on regard to sin. I am eternally secure and have no reason to worry about walking out of fellowship with God. No scripture in the epistles supports the idea of walking out of and walking into fellowship with God
when we sin.
Heb 13:5 declares “He will never leave you nor forsake you,” unconditionally, we are eternally united. Fellowship with Him is not dependent on my sin. Sin cannot
overcome God’s grace in my life, God’s grace overcomes sin in my life, neither can it scare Him away, remember He became sin itself. This gives me every reason to walk with thanks giving always in my heart. We all have been forgiven much therefore
we should appreciate much.”
‘Belief’ means walking His life as ours, despite our sins and disappointing  actions. We allow Him to be our life in all respects. The bottom line is not our
not sinning or doing good works. The bottom line and foundation of our sainthood is that He is our life and that we are His expression as daughters and sons. Those who eat Jesus will live because of Him.