Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


I once spoke to a group of young people at a school camp. I wanted them to know about Holy Spirit and how He empowers our lives and makes normal in our present the things we read about in the Bible – like the gifts of the Spirit, knowing what enemies of God are thinking and healing the sick. These things are true and they do empower ministry so that people know that God is real and present where they are. I have been with friends, who in Jesus authority heal sick people on the spot. I know a woman who Jesus raised from the dead on the faith of a humble pastor.

But this message was not what Jesus wanted me to say that day and there was no anointing in what I said.

This is because the gifts of the Spirit are not the main deal and neither are the fruits. Our union with Father is the main deal. Life in the Spirit, the anointing and the fruits all flow from this. Without this union they will fade or worse. They will become distorted and assist the kingdom of evil.

I’ve met people who have an obsession with ‘tongues’ yet live beaten lives. I met a man at a Christian conference once who insisted I needed the blessing of tongues. Yet he did not rule over circumstances in life and I could see he was not an example of spirit and life – quite the opposite. He was buffeted by the wind and rain of common circumstances. So no. What counts is not the gifts so much as Jesus’ life manifest as you. I wrote ‘as you’ on purpose.’ Of course we do not become Christ as a clone. We become Him in the Spirit as the Son of Man in that we become sons of God. The secret plan revealed, uncovered in Jesus and REVEALED AS YOU is more amazing that many realise. It’s paradoxical but its true. Just live Him!

The main effect of Pentecost is Christ in you. Every gift is subsidiary to this dynamic.


The anointing and spiritual gifts cannot operate in wholeness as a thing in themselves. Your arm is part of you. To think of it having an independent existence with separate motions is comical and ludicrous. Same with gifts of the Spirit. They are a function of our union with Father and an effect of the spirit of sonship. If we remain attached to the law because we have not embraced the new covenant where Jesus alone is life, we cannot expect that Holy Spirit and the gifts will fix the yawning gap at the foundation of our spiritual lives. We remain separated from God. In our minds but not in reality. Make sure you live from the mind of Christ and the scheme Father has gifted you with.


Receiving the Holy Spirit, operating in His gifts and being the beneficiary of his words of knowledge cannot be sustained or work in wholeness if we are not living in our new covenant union with God. It is common for Believers not to be living in this inheritance because they are living in something else – like the law, or a try harder mentality or a scheme of their own actions designed to give us acceptance and intimacy with God – which we already have and need not strive for. Someone has described this orientation as living in the GREAT DARKNESS.

The most common assault on our union with God, on the incarnation of the trinity in us is the ‘Try Harder’ gospel that seems mainly to be a product of intuitionalism and the Christian Industry. A runner-up is a ‘touch’ or a ‘going to the next level’ and this as a result of getting ‘keys’ from some celebrity preacher.

There is a KEY. This is ‘You are the Christ, the Saviour of the world.’ This is the only key you need and the trinity will come and live in you.

Your new covenant inheritance is that you and your Father are one. That’s the key to the Fatherhood of God and the joy and authority of your sonship.

In his book All About Glory, David Kowalick writes,
‘No matter how well any prophet or theologian claims to know God, only Jesus knows God as Father. The most significant thing we can say about Jesus Christ is that He is the Son of God.

Only Jesus can make the essential character and nature of the Father truly known. The incarnation of the Son of God was ultimately to glorify the Father.
It's simply not enough to say Jesus came to die for our sins, or to heal the sick, or teach us the truth. The main thing Jesus came to do was make God known as Father.
’ Along with that Jesus came to accomplish and certify that we are sons and daughters of God. It flows from Fatherhood.

Only Jesus knows God as Father and only Jesus lives in you and seeds this knowing into your heart. Your peace, joy and identity all come from your sonship in Father in spirit and in truth. This is where you are always received and accepted as yourself in the eyes of the trinity. It is also where you shine and increase in the glory that is you in the world. Only the Son knows the Father and only the Father knows the Son. Only they know you and who you are in them. Live in them. Be yourself and be fruitful and multiply!