Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


I met George at a conference. He was a Pentecostal of long standing and sold on the gift of tongues as a key to spirit and life. Trouble was he had none – no spirit and life that is. Living in a state of resignation and endurance, he was neither alive or dead. Just there and pumping out his formula for spiritual success.

As it happens I believe in the infilling of Holy Spirit and the gifts of tongues. But there is no gift that is a life-source in itself. They are all derivative and dependent on one thing: Our new covenant union with God. That’s where they grow from and why they are called ‘fruits’ – fruits of the spirit of sonship.

We have a state of being. This state of being has a name: Sons of God. Since Jesus undid separation and made us one with Father in spirit and in truth, we are incarnated with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They live un us. Not because we have done something special but because we believe God and agree that what He has done is so and it is real. We live not in religious shadows but in the reality that is Christ. To have what is ours, it is necessary to believe – not your perspective- but to believe the truth. This truth is never of any
private interpretation. It’s God’s new covenant arrangement He has made Himself.

Jesus told us that life is found in ‘knowing God and Jesus Christ.’ He revealed Himself and Father in the power of the Spirit and continues to do so. This ‘knowing’ is analogous to ‘knowing’ one’s spouse. It’s a knowing of His character and being. And a knowing of the radical nature of the union with Himself secured for us.

Because of Jesus, we and Father are one. We now have His relationship with Father. This may sound radical but it is a fact.
It is implied in Matt 11.28 and stated as our inheritance in John 17.11. This is why we must believe the gospel of Jesus, Paul and John and not any altered gospels described by Paul as ‘Other Gospels.’ Never live in a gospel of separation striving for what is already yours: Union with God!


If we have observed other people as well as taken careful note of ourselves, we may have perceived that some make their way towards the light while others remain trapped in a state of stagnation and semi-darkness. They live, paralysed so to speak, in a place of partial light, yet oblivious of the fullness that belongs to them as their inheritance in Christ. For example they may have come to an understanding of the gifts of the Spirit and the charismatic life, yet as individuals and as a community they never progress into the fullness of spirit and life. This can be because they have believed a gospel that is not Christ’s gospel which has obscured the truth by posing as the truth. Or it can be for a more simple reason than this. Ensconced in their own beliefs and living to support them at any cost, they ‘prefer darkness rather than light.’

We can be a spiritual eunuch of we can be potent and alive with spirit and life. We can think we are alive because of some activity we are involved in when we are actually dead in our spirit.
We have ‘deeds’ but are not alive in a Kingdom sense. Jesus draws our attention to this in revelation three. The same counsel is seen below.


The Lord showed Mary, not her real name, a spiritual picture of an impassive, sightless man trapped in a zombie state. We’ll call him George. There is an entire absence of response to all inputs that come to him. Mary asked herself, ‘Why was I absorbing light and being taught, while he was hunkering down in misery and darkness?’ The answer was unexpected. It revolved around: ‘willingness.’ When she had wondered [about his dormant paralysis] she was shown that she was willing to believe. She observed,
‘My spiritual time-table could have lasted a moment, or it could have taken me thousands of years to progress out of that dark.’


Living from ‘Jesus Things’ is the most common counterfeit to Jesus as our life. You have a life in the spirit that is yours today and everyday. The Enemy would like you to drag about a body of death with energy and zeal. The body of death is our state as individuals and collectively when joined to the law, to religion, to a programme or anything from which we are attempting to draw life that is not Jesus Himself. But by simply agreeing with Father that His Son is our life we have the life of Father. Son and Holy Spirit welling up in us. We are life-giving spirits multiplying the Kingdom of God in our bodies.