Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


More about spirit and life. It is the presence of the new creation. It is what Adam lost and you have gained. As communities of spirit and life we are the new creation. We live as sons and not as slaves. We are the representative of Jesus and not of Adam. We dispense life rather than death in the name of life. We are life-giving spirits because Christ has come in our flesh.

Spirit and life is not an entertaining discourse. Neither is it an informative discussion. Spirit and life is neither information or knowledge since it has nothing to do with the knowledge of good and evil. It is not good humour. Spirit and life is not people being open with each other or transparent, because it does not start with you. Spirit and life is not us having a ministry. But it is us distributing life that comes from the throne of god.

Spirit and life is what Rick Joyner described as the torch and the sword. It is the presence of God and the word of God through you. Spirit and life is the presence of Father operating in your sonship. Spirit and life is the love of Father drawing you into Himself. It is love of God gracing you to be yourself to speak words that are bigger on the inside than the outside.

Spirit and life is a property of the new creation. It is your post-cross inheritance. Spirit and life is the new covenant you. It is Jesus multiplied and expressed through you. It is you and Jesus as one. It is you as a son manifesting the spirit of our Father.


Spirit and life is never rooted in the law. Revelation does not come from our mouths if we living in separation. As branches of the Vine we are at liberty to live according to the individuality of our design. Individuals and communities will release the creative spirit of the trinity who lives in them.

But we are never authorised to modify the Vine into our own surmising. ‘If they speak not according to this word – the word of Jesus, Paul and John – there is no light in them. Neither is there any life. The Vine is both the person of Jesus and His Way of being our life and drawing us into union and fellowship with God. He is the Living Way. Here pluralism and liberalism do not apply. Any modification of this Way is illegitimate and a cunningly devised fable. It’s effect is to forge a false christ, a mean message and a crippled people who live without spirit and life. Don’t live separation where God has made union. But you live in the fullness of Christ. You are a life-giving spirit because the Christ of our Father is your life and you are sons in spirit and in truth.