Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


It takes a man and a woman, a husband and a wife to represent God. The trinity consists of three real persons. Significantly, I believe, Holy Spirit is always translated as feminine gender in Greek and Hebrew. This dies not mean Holy Spirit is a woman. It does mean that those qualities we know as womanhood like beauty, grace and wisdom, originate in the God-head and are found, particularly in the person of Holy Spirit. Just as important is the fact that the trinity is not a hierarchy – so if we are looking for a notion of ‘headship’ to support a sense of entitlement, we will not find it here. We were made to live in God. Gender, marriage and family are the manifestation of the pattern found in the trinity – Oneness revealed in unity and diversity.


As new covenant sons of God the truth we minister is never information. We minister spirit and life. Information is a variety of the flesh, the flesh that Jesus warned does nothing to advance the Kingdom of life. When Jesus taught His teaching flowed in spirit and life. One with His Father as an authentic son, a stream of spirit-life flowed through Him into His hearers. But more than this as a true son who was one with Father He was spirit and life. He was spirit and life in Himself.

Fortunately our lot is not to attempt to copy Jesus and drum-up a bunch of spirit and life. Paul says decisively that Christ is our life and that He is in us. This is a fact: His life is our life. His spirit and life in union with Father is our spirit and life. This is the spirit of sonship. In Jesus we are sons in actuality because He has made us one with Father.


In Jesus we have more than access to spirit and life. We are spirit and life because we are the sons and daughters of God. This state of being that is ours in the new covenant is as superior to our status in Adam/Moses as a youth is from a corpse. No need to drag about a body of death. You have a body of life that is Christ’s person as you. In new covenant parlance, ‘Now we are the sons of God’ asserts that we are sons in spirit and in truth. Not alienated separated sons and not sons seeking a life and a righteousness separate from ourselves. In God we are the life of God – truly sons/daughters in spirit and in truth. Here we are competent as ministers of infinite life in new covenant union with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.