Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


The best kept secret in the churches today is undoubtedly the glory and power of the New Covenant. Some live in it. Many have never heard of it and others lives in a mixture of old and new. Old covenant religion feeds institutionalism, stagnation and a feeble resistance to the Enemy. If you want to be a phantom of your real self, a feeble ghost of who you really are as a son/daughter of God, do nothing. If you want to be reborn - and if you are an old covenant person you are not - find out what the new covenant is and live in it! Here are some books.

Clash of the Covenants - Michael Kaplan.
How New is the New Covenant - Dr Stephen Crosby
The Power of Right Believing - Joseph Prince
The New Testament Prophet - Dr Stephen Crosby
God is For Us - C Baxter Kruger