Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


I had a scooter as a kid. I’d scoot down the hill from our house to a nearby gully. With many falls I got many scabs on my knees. The grazes were semi-painful and easily fixed as mum applied a Band-Aid. We have a stock-pile in our cupboard to apply to slight injuries to this day.
A Band-Aid can fix a graze. But not a mortal condition. This is why stop-gap measures in politics and industry are called Band-Aid solutions. A Band-Aid solution leaves the underlying condition unchanged.
It's like attempting to apply Holy Spirit and the gifts when one is not delivered from the body of death that is the old covenant. What begins with bells and whistles fades to torpor. Why? The person or the community remains under Adam’s sentence of death and separation. Separation from God, from self and from others. What is required is not a dab of Holy Spirit oil but a new life.
‘Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again’ John 3.3 NIV.
By living in the law and old covenant we are denying the new and living way of the ‘New Us’ via the new birth. In such slipshod religion we deny the cross and despise the grace of Christ's life as our life. Grace is not an abstraction and not designed to help us function as a good person. Grace is Christ's life as ours. So Paul speaks of Christ our life and John reveals the truth of the incarnation. This is no ‘Help me keep the rules’ patch. It’s not even a ‘Help me keep close to Jesus’ patch. It’s Christ manifesting in you!
‘When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.4 NIV. Christ has appeared. He has been resurrected. At Pentecost Christ, Father and Spirit appeared in people. Today by the incarnation YOU ARE HIS LIFE!
To be sure, Holy Spirit and the anointing has an effect on Believers - even if they are living from the old covenant and the law. His main role will be to reveal the glory of Jesus, Father’s love and Holy Spirits effectiveness and power. Along with this he will advance an accurate understanding of who Christ is and what heaven accomplished for us in Jesus. Holy Spirit will reveal the glory of Christ and the fullness of who we are in the gospel of the Kingdom. It’s called pulling out tares. We are living in the days when Jesus and the angels are pulling out tares so that we can live in our real Father. So that we can be sons of God in spirit and in truth.
Non-sectarianism does not give us permission to live within our veils. In the presence of the Spirit, veils of misunderstanding can be breathed away and false doctrine that binds people as cripples will be attacked. Where the Spirit is there is liberty and growth into fullness and an abundance of spirit and life - If we are willing to be led and willing to lay down beliefs at the cross, which did not come from God.
We have no permission to add ‘must-do’s’ or behaviours to the new creation dynamic of Christ our life. To add even one prescription is to invalidate our life in the Spirit and bind as back into the flesh and its death. We either follow Jesus and live entirely in the Spirit or we live in the law with all its dulling effects. Holy Spirit will not force new covenant life onto the unwilling. But neither will the Spirit be able to flourish in the culture of old covenant belief. Why? Because Spirit flows out of union, not separation. Pentecost follows the cross for a reason. We have been made one with God. The incarnation follows Pentecost for a reason. God indwells us. Its cause and effect. We and Father are one.

Planting our lives in old covenant soil is a misunderstanding at best and disobedience at worst. To live by beliefs that negate our union with God and produce a mindset of separation is to continue in the ruse that Satan first deployed against Adam and Eve. ‘You will be godly if you live in separation.’ (They were already sons and they lived in union). They did not know that this ‘advance’ would mean separation even, as people do not know that law means and is separation today.
Hagar stands for all who remain tied to the law and old covenant. Hagar is code for never having been reborn from the old to the new creation. Hagar means law and religion. ‘Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present city of Jerusalem, because she is in slavery with her children’ Gal 4.25 NIV


The Enemy, the father of lies perverted the creation with a lie about God and a lie about ourselves. Since the cross the Thief, this Father of lies has sown more lies and succeeded in creating sons of who live from lies. Indeed some have made religion out of these lies. Jesus called them tares. They are sons, both ideas and people who are trapped in limited glory and partial death. Trapped and decayed because they have been side-tracked into a limited Christ and ‘another gospel.’

All religious perversion of Christ’s gospel produces separation. Fullness in Christ and our immersion in His vicarious humanity achieves union with God in absolute terms. This union of ours in the Spirit is manifest in our flesh. The real presence is dwelling in our bodies and souls where we are in everyday life. Our spirit is in Christ where He is in heaven.
J. Baxter Kruger writes the following by way of introduction to John Paul Young’s book. ‘Lies We Believe about God.’

To speak the name of Jesus Christ with the apostles and with the early Church leaders is to say, "Father's eternal Son," and it is to say, "Holy Spirit, anointed One," and it is to say, "the Creator and Sustainer of all things-incarnate, crucified, resurrected, and as­cended to the Father." Therefore, to speak the name of Jesus is to say that the Triune God, the human race, and all creation are not separated, but together in relationship. Jesus is Himself the relationship. He is the union between the Triune God and the human race. In Him, heaven and earth, the life of the blessed Trinity and broken human life are united. Jesus is our new creation, our adoption, our inclusion in the divine life, the new covenant relationship between God and humanity, the Kingdom of the Triune God on earth… The notion that Human beings are separated from God is a fundamental lie.

The truth is that we and Father are one in Jesus. And Jesus is in us. Putting a holy spirit Band-Aid on a body of death separated by law and old covenant will not do. Because we are separated in our minds and hearts and cut-off from our inheritance in Christ. We cannot heal. We cannot grow. We cannot be sons in spirit and in truth. Because we have believed a lie. But the truth will set us free. Truth is Jesus the Christ of God.

‘They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie’ 2 Cor 2.10.11 NIV.