His life as your life


Whether we hold to one law or ten or four we are of the law and are legalists. But if we live in God, which is to live in the incarnation we are alive in Life itself.

You can fellowship with an abstraction or with God as God is. If the latter you will ‘be’ grace and truth.


We have the opportunity to live in God. We are already in Him, in His fellowship and being. But we must enter with our hearts and minds in order to be in this reality and not in some alternative reality that is a lie. You can’t just make up your gospel. Our lot is not so much to receive Christ but to live and know that we have been received into His life. What is this life? It is a fellowship. It’s the companionship of Jesus, Our Father and Holy Spirit. But even more – we are part of God’s being as is He of ours. We are daughters and sons.


We can be sons definitionally or we can be sons in spirit and in truth. One is a function of religion and the other is the effect of our new birth. New birth is our change from separation to oneness. Legalism tells us that new birth is a transition into a superior moral life. It’s not. It’s your transition from every kind of legalistic/religious attitude to oneness with God. How do we take this step? By believing that in Christ we belong.*


Jesus comes in the incarnation to lift us up from out of our brokenness and into His wholeness. He comes to shine the light of His truth into the darkness of our alienation. He comes to find us, to know us, and to lift us up into the fellowship of love that has existed from all eternity. He comes to bring us home, to include us into His Trinitarian life. 

The most stunning news in the universe is that God has included us into His life of love, fellowship, joy, acceptance, and light. We have been included in the Trinitarian relationship. From within our existence God has reached us and He has brought us home where we belong. Adam and all of us have hidden from God in the darkness of our sin, yet God in His mercy has come to us. He has taken up our cause, and He has brought us into the light. God has reached us.” (1)

*Tied to the law in any way we may say we belong but our heart does not believe it.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 62). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.