His life as your life


We can live in the insight and sharpness of Jesus - doing what Father is doing because we are the sons of God. Because we are incarnated with the trinity and living in sonship – not notionally but in spirit and in truth.

Significantly Paul encouraged others with the words. ‘I am who I am.’ Sure we are all a work in progress but in this incarnated age our post cross inheritance is to be our
real self as a manifestation of Jesus and the expression of Father’s life and person.


God was embodied in His Son. Today the Son of God is embodied in you. This is your born-again life as the expression of Jesus in place of the expression of separated Adam. Don’t turn yourself inside out with works to ‘be Christlike.’ Rest in the fact that He has drawn you into His life to express Himself in your uniqueness and individuality. This is you as a son and the church as the new creation.


It was in accordance with that embodied nature of the Word and truth of the Gospel that Irenaeus thought of the Church. As the Body of Christ the Church embodies ‘the union and communion between God and man’ brought about through the incarnation of the Lord and the atoning redemption he effected for all mankind. And as such it continues to embody the deposit of faith or the saving truth of the Gospel as the God-given source of its renewal and the inner secret of its identity and continuity in space and time.” (1) This is you as the expression of Jesus and all of us as the Body of Christ.

Spirit and life is the product of Christ in us – never us in our religion.

Christ in us is the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles doctrine. This is the gospel of the church Jesus builds. We are not at liberty to invent proprietary gospels and consider ourselves part of the Body of Christ. Any gospel that is not Christ
come in our flesh originates in anti-christ.

Life in terms of the above quotation is our new covenant walking in the light and the scriptures
rightly interpreted. We can live in the old covenant if we choose. Droplets of water will seep from our being. We will see some things clearly but know this: Unless we are in Christ’s version of His own gospel we will move about like a camper stumbling to the toilet in the night – bumping into objects and groping at shadows and shapes. In our new covenant state of being, Christ is our life and our light. We see clearly, we walk at all times in the day, we know ourselves and we stream rivers of living water.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 261). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.