His life as your life


Many of us try to be Godly by what we do. There are no end of ‘human doings’ and many who are anxious to exhibit themselves as a ‘doer’ in order to establish their self-worth. Much of Christianity identifies itself by what it does and does not do – which is pretty basic knowledge of good and evil behaviour. But we are not in that realm. We have passed from death to life – to our life in God; to our life in relationship.

We are Godly because we are sons of God.

Your meaning, which is your identity is your meaning in God. You are a son/daughter in spirit and in truth. Should we attempt to establish our meaning through performance and law keeping, we scramble our real meaning as sons, deconstruct ourselves and become sons of the father of lies. This is the lie that instigated the fall and the lie that tells people to establish their own credentials as the ‘godly. It retains people in old covenant religion. It’s what Jesus meant by tares.


Jesus identified Himself as His Father’s son, declaring that He and Father were one – which was significant because Adam as a son was tricked out of the oneness he already possessed and lured into the attempt to be Godly in separation from our Father. Separation has been called the great darkness because it stems from the great lie – the deceit that Father is not trustworthy, the lie that we lacked something as sons and the suggestion that we can be Godly by going it alone and earning our Godliness by things we do. This is the deceit that permeates religion. It is based on the contention that the great issue of life is the law of God. It’s not. The core issue is the utter trustworthiness of Father and the fact that as a son/daughter you belong in the company of the trinity.

The fact is Father is good and you are a son.

‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing’ John 15.5 NIV.


The issue of your life is not the law. Godliness is not found in what we do. Godliness is what we are: Sons of God. The issue is the sonship that is already yours in Christ. Will you live in it or will you live in a religious lie?

The spirit of sonship surrounds us and flows from us as rivers of life because we and our Father are one. We are one because God in Christ has made it so. Thus when we read, ‘Here are they who keep the commands of God and the testimony of Jesus’ – we must read this through the Jesus lens and not through grid of the law. The command of our Father is to believe His Son. The testimony of Jesus is that He is your life. In believing this way we agree with the ‘belonging’ that is ours and we possess it. We are now the Body of Christ and we belong to the Family of God and the community of the saints who have gone before us. Richard Rohr puts it this way –


Jesus is revealed to us Christians by calling himself the Son of the Father and yet one with the Father. [H]e is giving clear primacy to relationship. Who you are is who you are in the Father, as he would put it. That is your meaning.” (1) It is your meaning as a son in the same way that it was and is Jesus’ meaning. You are holy because you have been defined as a son and made a son because you and Father are declared one. What you do is the fruit of your being, the fruit of your vine and the fruit of your sonship – if you are a son and not something else; if you have not been living all your life on the edge of the Kingdom.
You are really a son. But in the old covenant with Adam’s eyes, you are defined as less than you are – like a fish in a bowl when you are really a human being. The fishbowl is the false reality. The tiddler in the bowl is the false you. (The fish in the bowl is what the tare is to the wheat in the parable) Your life on God is the authentic reality of you as a son. This is you in the new covenant realm. In the old covenant fish bowl you swim around and around trying to become who you are already in Gods reality. But you remain a fish caught in the delusion that is as old as the fall.
We cannot be ourselves if joined to the law. If so joined, for us ‘Christ died for nothing,’ as far as our identity is concerned. We have confined ourselves to being a minnow when we are really a heroes in Christ. We live a life of unrealised potential, emitting drops of life living water instead of rivers – because we Jesus came to set us free but we would have none of it. None of it because we had our own husband: Our own ideas.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 669-672). SPCK. Kindle Edition.