His life as your life


The letter kills because there is no life in it. Artefacts of the knowledge of good and evil lack life because they are the product of a disconnect from God. Our inheritance is not a series of definitions because it is not bits and pieces of the law. It is a relationship of persons. It is an ontological reality that transcends words because it is reality itself. Ultimate reality is Christ and we are connected to this reality when Christ is our life.

Thus we can say without exaggeration that we are real when Christ is our life in the new covenant and less than real when we remain in the old. Thus when a person talks of the real self and the false self they are not playing games. Just stating the difference between Christ as our life and some aspect of religion as our life.

Our false self is our Adamic self and our real self is who we are in our relationship to Christ. What is this relationship? It is an interwoveness of being.

The Living Word is much more than the Bible and actually the Son of God. God did not hang abstractions in the sky to reveal Himself but sent His Son: the word of God. Stephen Crosby observes that,

“Accurate doctrine does not automatically translate into right relationship with God and humanity. The people most dedicated to the scripture, most devoted to its study, most devoted to a literal hermeneutic, the most morally scrupulous, most theologically conservative of Jesus's day (the Pharisees/religious establishment), could not recognize either John the Baptist, nor the Lord Himself. They had no clue what God was doing in their generation. That is because they were relationally alienated from God in their self-perceived orthodoxy. It is a human condition and it remains today.” (1)

The inability to see is a symptom of separation from God. This is a major cause of a lack in spiritual discernment.

We do better with sound doctrine than without it. Doctrine is sound when it is the expression of the reality of God, of our relationship to God and who we are as a result of the incarnation. It is folly to wrongly divide the word of truth and make an identity and a church community out of our wrangling.

(1) Crosby, Stephen. The New Testament Prophet: Understanding the Mind, Temperament, and Calling (Kindle Locations 980-984). . Kindle Edition.