His life as your life


Some of us live in heresy as a matter of course. Not that we mean to. We have been schooled in the belief that our theology is legitimate as an expression of the Body of Christ. What kind of body – one with a tumour or a Body that is Christ come in our flesh? The question is, is our belief and culture an expression of the gospel of Jesus and the apostles or is it a mongrel breed that has evolved over time with the help of the tincture of false revelation?


Worship means bringing our ideas to the ‘Light’ that comes into the world. Worship is never an endorsement of our own light with the intimation that God, Jesus and the apostles need vary their gospel to accommodate ours.

When Jesus advised the woman at the well that true worshipers worship in spirit and in truth, He was indicating that life and light are found in Him – in the Jesus that was with her in the flesh – the same Jesus who would later be with all of us in the Spirit, so that by living in His gospel and not some mythological gospel we would be sons of God in spirit and in truth.


We are sons of God faintly in our own truth – but sons who are misshapen and even monstrous in our being – faint replicas of the sonship that is ours as genuine sons of God in spirit and in truth. As such we become purveyors of botched gospels and complicit in fostering communities of spiritually diseased people.

The folly of inventing your own truth has become a fashion in these times. People can strut the world stage as dingbats spruiking their own reality and railing when those of wisdom and integrity deny the validity of their vulgarity.

Making lies ‘your truth’ is disastrous in politics and even more demoralising in the spiritual. The disgrace of partisan gospels is that they are short on real grace; they diminish Jesus and who He is for us. They substitute new covenant realities with old covenant humbugs. Baxster Kruger observes,


“Again and again, alien notions of God have been left unchecked - as if the final revelation of God in Christ was only one among several revelations. Foreign ideas about God, ideas which have not been brought before the bar of the Trinity and converted, ideas that may seem obvious and quite plausible to the natural mind, have been allowed to exist side by side with the revelation of God in Christ. These unconverted ideas have not only distorted our understanding of God; they have also shaped our understanding of God's relationship with humanity-with disastrous results.”

We need to be diligent in undoing the culture of lies that began in the Garden. If we don’t we are complicit in the distortion of ourselves and the proposition that lies are ‘light’ and false christs are our ‘christ’.


We were born from relationship – the relationship of the trinitarian God. We have been re-born into their fellowship by the same means – by a determined enterprise of God involving every member of the trinity bent in labour to draw us into fellowship so that their life becomes our life in this new testament age.

The expression of life and holiness in terms of law and the knowledge of good and evil must be seen as the furphy it is. It just is not so. This parody of a godliness explains why Christians can obsess over days and times and choose Mr Trump as president - pursuant to the achievement of some moral icon yet live in the Babylon of greed, entitlement and unlove that is Capitalism – a culture in which all that might be called human is subordinated to the pursuit of mammon.

The truth of the ages expressed as Christ our life is the fellowship of the trinity alive in us and imbuing us with their joy of living in infinite life. Baxster Kruger observes,

“Before there was ever any law, there was the Trinity and the irrepressible life and fellowship and joy of the Triune God. The logic of the universe and of human existence flows out of this relationship. The eternal purpose of this Triune God is not to place us under law and turn us into religious legalists, but to include us in their relationship, to give us a place in their shared life and fellowship and joy.”