His life as your life


To undo Adam and Moses is to undo death in all its nuances. Because it is to put to death, separation from God. To be hidden in Christ and to submerge in His baptism is to rise into unlimited life because one becomes a life-giving fountain of everlasting life. When Christ is our life the trinity, its harmony, joy and purity are our life. But we speak here not of a pious or religious purity. We mean the holiness and wholeness of becoming who you are.


To live from religion – a form of law and the tree incarnate - is to short-change ourselves in a life that is no life at all. The person tied to any manifestation of the law is chained to his contract – a tit for tat arrangement in which it is imagined that we manipulate God into doing what we want because we have hit on some icon that we think He wants.

The weakness of the knowledge of good and evil as a ‘gospel’ is that it leaves us tied to bits and pieces of truth, to talks and lectures that are an aid to self-effort, a means of jumping through some hoop or a key to some self-made avenue of entitlement. These cautions against evil and admonishments regarding knowledge are branches of the death tree which have no capacity to unite us to God or to transform our being.


As a piece of the knowledge of good and evil they have no capacity to deliver spirit and life. They are only capable of presenting a fresh dose of something and nothing. Baxster Kruger observes,

The irony here is that for all of its focus upon Jesus Christ, the legalized version of the gospel ends up driving us away from Christ to find our conversion somewhere else. Faith in Jesus Christ may get God reconciled to us, but it leaves us in our disease, and thus inevitably launches us into a search for a second work of salvation beyond Jesus Christ.”


Such ‘second works’ can involve an obsession with aspects of the law expressed as ‘divine rest for human restlessness,’ missionary ventures, charitable enterprises and entering into the realm of Holy Spirit and the gifts. These things have merit but are not the divine life that we need to be human and Godly. Gifts of prophecy and healing have their place but these are the branches and fruit of union with Christ – never a legitimation of an old covenant separationist life. Equally as important as the healing of a limb is the healing of an imagined separation between ourselves and God.

‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

When we know that God is for us; that we have been drawn into the circle of the Holy Family, that we belong and are in fact part of God as daughters and sons our thirst is quenched and we are personally rivers of living water - this is more than information. It is
spirit and life.