His life as your life


We don’t know how long it was before the fall of Adam. What we do know is that in looking at God, Adam had the opportunity to see himself. We know that in making Adam in His image, Father made a son from Himself and saw Himself in His son Adam.

Human beings were made as an expression of God. We were birthed from the womb of the trinity to be their companions and share in their life. Our humanity and sonship is an expression of three persons, which is why personhood and relationship and not abstraction is the essence of our Father and the real nature of sons.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20.


To make religion out of the law or a selection of observances is to have missed the Kingdom entirely. The solution to the fall is not a new way of keeping the law – but the way in which God’s person is merged with our person. This fact is why the letter kills but the Spirit alone gives life. It is why Jesus’ teaching was not an essay in the letter even though words were spoken. He was spirit and life which meant that He, His actions and words were spirit and life.

To construct a religious life around one law or all it is a sign that we have not understood what God has done for us in the reconciliation of the cross, the incarnation and the out-pouring of the Spirit. There’s a reason why Paul emphasises ministry in the new covenant. In this covenant we are ambassadors of the Kingdom. In the old covenant we are not - just well-meant people pushing a form of godliness.


Jesus’ life was a revelation: The revelation of who Father is and who we are. He mirrored Father and He mirrors us. It is this holistic representation; this manifestation of personhood and relationship that is both God and the sons of God. Entirely different to the abstractions of the knowledge of good and evil, this can only be seen if we are walking in the light. But not the light as defined by knowledge or theology. Take care that your instruction comes from those who
rightly interpret the word of truth.


The light that is ours because the light of the world has entered us and we see in Him. In the Jesus Lens we have the ability to separate reality from hallucination – if we have allowed this reality to enter us and be our Light.

‘May their eyes be darkened so they cannot see, and their backs be bent forever’ Rom 11.10 NIV.

When we resist the light and allow ourselves to be retained by another reality, which is another gospel, we lose the ability to see. This is why sincere people can walk in darkness, unable to see the elephant that is their un-gospel. They never pass into the second part of life. They mistake the parts for the whole – all without ever realising that they spent their entire lives in a maze of a delusion. Their mirror has been the cracked mirror of the law and the many dichotomies of the knowledge of good and evil.


People prefer laws and reassuring repetitive rituals to intimate mirroring. True mirroring only needs to be received and recognized once—and once is enough to change you forever. But it deepens if we “gaze steadily and make it a habit,” as James says. This is the heart of all prayer.” (1).

Jesus is the character of God in fullness. To see Jesus is to see God and know our Father. It is also to see and know ourselves and participate in the new and living way of union with God. It’s to be a son and not a worker.

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