His life as your life


It’s disturbing that an assumed gospel’ of grace can be preached – one that holds that the old covenant and the law is still the reality in which we live. It indicates that we have chosen the wrong dots and attempted to join them in a contrived gospel that is but a fragment of the true gospel and actually no gospel at all. Is this a case of preferring our own ‘light’ over the Light of the World? Jesus came among us so that all who live in darkness can see a Great Light. Will we presume to live in our light instead of this this light and life?


The meaning of the cross is that the old Adam has been put to death and the new Adam has become our life. This certifies that the old regime of the knowledge of good and evil has been put to death and the new regime of life sonship in God has entered our reality. The Real Gospel is living in the Reality in which we have been placed: Woven into God - due to the cross, the at-one-ment and the outpouring of Holy Spirit. We have been reborn from slaves to sons; from keepers of Sabbath Days to the enjoyment of a Sabbath life.

We have been born from a life in many compartments to a life that is us in God with God in us. Christ is reality. With Christ as our life reality is us. (Well what’s so cool about that? Easy. In the old covenant you remain a phantom of yourself) It takes interwoveness with Father to be our real selves. This union with God is the Spirit of Sonship that is ours in the New Birth – the change from a life in Adam to a life that is Christ as our life.

PARADIGM’S A paradigm is a way of seeing that enables a new way of being. Unless we live in His new and living way – His life as our life - we cannot see the Kingdom of God or make sense of a reality that is not a religion but is LIFE ITSELF. This is why the Kingdom is not the gifts bolted on to a pre-cross mindset. The Kingdom was never rubbing Holy Spirit oil into Adam and Moses. The Kingdom is our union with God by the One Spirit – the gifts are the branches of this tree.


‘But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light’ 1 Peter 2.9 NIV.

This light is not mere salvation. There are ‘salvations’ that are misguided and distorted. This wineskin is not that we are merely saved and forgiven. It is that Christ is our life and that He is us. This reality is known as the vicarious humanity of Jesus.

Eventually light will out. It cannot be hidden - whether it be in this life or as a surprising revelation in the next.

IN THE LIGHT TODAY “Scientists have discovered that what looks like darkness to the human eye is actually filled with tiny particles called “neutrinos,” slivers of light that pass through the entire universe. Apparently there is no such thing as total darkness anywhere, even though the human eye thinks there is. John’s Gospel was more accurate than we realized when it described Christ as “a light that darkness cannot overcome” (1: 5). Knowing that the inner light of things cannot be eliminated or destroyed is deeply hopeful. And as if that is not enough, John’s choice of an active verb (“The true light. . . was coming into the world,” 1: 9) shows us that the Christ Mystery is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process throughout time—as constant as the light that fills the universe. And “God saw that light was good” (Genesis 1: 3). Hold on to that!” (1) OUR BELONGING takes the form of our inclusion in the family of the trinity and the trinity’s habitation of us. This is the truth of belonging and the dynamic of the new creation that transforms society and the world. You are not just one with Christ. You are one with the fullness of God.

BELONGING WITH SUBSTANCE The ‘belonging’ that is ours is a togetherness of persons and of being. It’s more than a definition of a doctrinal assertion. It’s a state of reality that comes about because Christ is in you and you are in Christ. You can smother and insulate yourself from this with the red-herring of the law or the placebo of religion. You can have it all today by agreeing with Jesus that He is your life.

A notional ‘letter’ definition of belonging is scant belonging at all. It’s like eating the milk carton instead of drinking the contents.

GOSPELS OF THE LETTER THAT KILLS Membership of the Body that is definitional is a faint shadow of belonging that is ‘being’. Such fundamental belonging has been described in the word perichoresis. It comes from the unity of being that is found in the fellowship of the trinity in which one merges with another yet retained one’s person and uniqueness of being. “Genuine acceptance removes fear and hiding and creates freedom to know and be known. In this freedom arises a fellowship and sharing so honest and open and real that persons involved dwell in one another. There is union without loss of individual identity. When one weeps, the other tastes salt. It is only in the Triune relationship of Father, Son and Spirit that personal relationship of this order exists, and the early church used the word ‘perichoresis’ to describe it. The good news is that we have been included in this relationship and it is to be played out fully in each of us and in all creation.” C Baxster Kruger.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (p. 14). SPCK. Kindle Edition.