His life as your life


The Psalmist was spot on when he wrote, ‘In your light we see light.” Writing on this theme and the prologue to the book of John Richard Rohr writes,

Light is not so much what you directly see as that by which you see everything else. This is why in John’s Gospel, Jesus Christ makes the almost boastful statement “I am the Light of the world” (John 8:12). Jesus Christ is the amalgam of matter and spirit put together in one place, so we ourselves can put it together in all places, and enjoy things in their fullness. It can even enable us to see as God sees..” (1)


Do you see that? We make correct sense of the world and which we live, make the proper joining of the dots and discern which are not dots and merely bushes in the person of Jesus Christ. This is today that to use any other lens of dilute His seeing in us with something lesser like the law or false doctrine is to deny ourselves the ability to see correctly.

Paul’s gospel, the one he called ‘my gospel’ was Christ’s gospel and Father’s gospel. Paul along with John in the main interpreter and ‘applier’ of who Jesus was, what Jesus did and who we are in Jesus.

This is why our gospel will be askew - should we interpret the Bible or frame our view of salvation and living in God - in terms of a private gospel, the law or in some cases the Sabbath. Truth emerges as revelation when we interpret phenomena through the Christ of God and His Gospel of the Kingdom and not some concoction of our own.

Paul calls this rightly
interpreting the word of truth which is a simple enough task if we are living from the incarnation rather than living in an old covenant and law bound, separation mindset. In Christ in this safe place of insight and discernment in union with God, we are imbued with the mind of Christ concerning Himself and us.


Strictly speaking in an old covenant mindset we are not in Christ. We are outside of Him attempting to utilise Him in the maintenance of the separation that He has already overcome. This should be enough to establish certain non-gospels as the nonsense that they are.

Anyone can have a personal Jesus. But our allegiance is to Jesus as Lord who is the Son of God and the Embodiment of truth and life.

Correct theology is more than propositions and words on paper. Truth is a state of being in which we are one with the trinity, one with ourselves and one with those who correctly embody the gospel of the Kingdom.

  1. (1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (p. 14). SPCK. Kindle Edition.