His life as your life


An atrocious betrayal of Jesus and His people is the teaching that Jesus Christ (1) Was under the law and (2) That He now lives to empower us to keep the law or - in its lesser version - a moral program.
Wrong on both counts. He lives to be our life. Don’t sell yourself and others short. Jesus lives to impart Himself and the life and nature of the trinity into our person and our community.

Truth has its own rewards. There are heavy costs as a result of living in denial and making up one's own 'truth' as can be seen emerging in the natural world.

I spent much of my life not knowing that there is a ‘new covenant.’ I believed that if it was in the Bible you had to do it and had no inkling of the truth that the new testament was not just life after Christ but a totally new and living way of being a person and a Believer. Misunderstanding about the covenants accounts for much bibliolatry and a syndrome where words about God are considered more important than the son of God and particularly His incarnation in our being.

We are not condemned for living in misunderstanding. But we do not live in fullness either.


The anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit can never be a substitute for new covenant living because they are premised on union with God and are not themselves union with God or life in the Spirit. Life in the Spirit is our new covenant state of being while the gifts are just the gifts that can never be fully Kingdom unless lived in a new covenant mindset.


The New Covenant is not a new exchange; it is Jesus Christ the God-man. Jesus Christ comes as God and as man to gather up the human race and to restore us back to fellowship with God. He enacts this covenant completely in His own person and being.

The hypostatic union must be understood as the point in which God and man are joined inseparably together in Jesus Christ. The hypostatic union is not simply a union of two natures, although that is important. It is also the joining together our human nature with God. The hypostatic union means that the covenant has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. It is in Him that earth and heaven meet, God and man collide, and all join in the Great Dance of God.”

Union with God is this: ‘You will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

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