His life as your life


‘Life in the Spirit’ should not be confused with what is often called ‘spirit-filled.’ The latter is important for fruitful ministry but it is not what is meant by ‘life in the Spirit.’ This state of being is none other than life in our new covenant union with God. It is important to believe and live in this reality because it is what God achieved in Jesus by the cross and by Pentecost. Here we mean life in the Spirit to refer to the state of being – union with God – that is ours in Christ.


Life in the Spirit or the new covenant is the undoing of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the undoing of our life in Adam in exchange for Christ our life. To believe and live in this state of being is to live in our inheritance – which Paul calls living as sons/daughters of the Free Woman. The implication is living as the Bride of Christ as opposed to an old covenant living in religion as the old pre-cross Eve.

Union with God is the prize of the ages. It’s the difference between a life in religion and a life as a multiplier of the Kingdom of God. By grace we might give out some drops of living water in religion. But in the Spirit, which is in our union with God along with the anointing we are equipped to minister rivers of living water.


Jesus ministered rivers of living water rather than spoonful’s because He and His Father were one. Now by the cross and incarnation we share in His sonship as brothers and sisters; we share in His relationship with His Father and with the trinity. In The Power of Right Believing, Joseph Prince emphases the importance of believing what God believes and entering into what He has done rather than hobbling along in our own assumptions. Garry Deddo writes

“Through the hypostatic union in Christ, which unites (without confusion) God’s divine nature with human nature in the Person of Jesus, and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit (who unites us to Christ’s vicarious humanity), we are set free as distinct human persons to participate in the gift of a personal and personalizing relationship in which we, by Christ, have been included…

We should emphasize at this point that the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit (including the call for our ongoing participation in union with Christ) does not nullify or set aside what Christ accomplished for all humanity (believers and non‐believers) and what God intends for all. What God has done in Christ places everyone in a new situation—a new, reconciled relationship with God. The ministry of the Holy Spirit then builds upon that, bringing to fulfillment what God intends.”


‘The gifts’ bolted on to the law is not our inheritance. It’s not life in the Spirit. It’s just something that is an impossibility. Sonship growing out if our communion with the trinity is our inheritance. This is incarnation and this is Kingdom life.

Holy Spirit, the anointing and the gifts are not a substitute for new covenant union with God. Indeed they cannot function effectively with0ut this union and interweaving of being that we call incarnation. . The attempt to grow the kingdom in the law and old covenant mindset is akin to buying a tree in a pot and then planting it in the air.


The way ahead is not found in rationalising an accommodation with the law and old covenant. There is no Kingdom foundation here in such fictions. Just as Churchill knew that no compromise could be made with Adolph Hitler so apostolic people know that no accommodation can be made with Adam, the body of death and the mystery of iniquity.

Holy Spirit will not revive an Adamic/Mosaic existence that was never meant to survive the cross. Doing what Jesus is doing depends on being one with what God in Jesus has already done. He is your life and the trinity is incarnated in you.