His life as your life


‘Christ come in our flesh’ is the core of the new creation. It is new covenant, incarnation and the vicarious humanity of Christ all in one. Our inheritance as sons of God is so simple and radical that many have missed it, settling instead for the package that is religion. Don’t eat the carton and ignore the contents.

Grace is His life as ours.

I have written in other places that the core of the at-one-ment is the incarnation – the meaning of which is that Christ becomes you. I have assured readers that we have not become divine. However we have become sons in spirit and in truth as a result of the cross and The Spirit.

There is much difference between sons and workers. The latter go round and round the Mulberry Bush and the former yeast and new creation life.


In Jesus human beings become the manifestation of God. A big fuss can be made about the Spirit and manifestations. However the major manifestation of the Spirit is you, Bob, Norm and Ingrid.

That you and all who believe are the manifestation of God is difficult for many to come to grips with. They want to translate this inheritance into religion, reduce it to law, institutionalise it, monetise it and change it from spirit into flesh. Even though they have heard that
the letter kills large parts of the Christian Industry are an abattoir in which the spirit has been sacrificed in the meatworks of the letter. But Jesus’ church, His Kingdom and new creation are made without human hands. The post cross creation is meant to be a manifestation of Him and the name of this manifestation is the sons and daughters of God.


Sometimes I use the words ‘Christ in you.’ When more daring I use ‘Christ as you.’ The latter is more radical and more accurate. This is the meaning of Christ come in our flesh, so that George, Mildred and Chloe are the effect of the Spirit of Jesus, the Father and Holy Spirit. God manifests as His Sons.

The common use of the word mediator does not tell the whole story. Jesus does more than impart guiltlessness and holy qualities. Jesus imparts Himself. You become the expression of Him by the Spirit. Either this is so or the Christian life is some kind of self-discipline with Jesus help and grace. But this is not the Kingdom. The true meaning of come in the flesh is ‘come as you.’

Yesterday I wrote of the danger imprisonment in bad Christian teaching and a false self. Dr Stephen Crosby observes,
“Being mentally, spiritually, and emotionally invested in maintaining not only a form of expression, but also a thing that gives me emotional and psychological feedback, makes for an impenetrable spiritual stronghold, except for divine intervention.” (1) It makes us blind and dead spiritual cripples.

Many Believers have simply transferred the law to the ‘fruits of the Spirit.’ Firstly, we don’t live to the fruits. The fruits spring from us. Secondly, since Christ is our life Jill and George are the expression of Jesus. A law mentality makes people think holiness is a bunch of qualities. A Christ our life mentality makes you the expression of Jesus, and our Father and Holy Spirit.


Richard Rohr mentions the risk of stating that Christ becomes you. “Some will think I am arrogantly talking about being “personally divine” and eagerly dismiss this way of talking about resurrection as heresy, arrogance, or pantheism. The Gospel is much more subtle than that. Jesus’ life and his risen body say instead that the discovery of our own divine DNA is the only, full, and final meaning of being human. The True Self is neither God nor human. The True Self is both at the same time, and both are a total gift.” (2)

Grace is Christ come in our flesh. This is the ultimate grace and the new creation as you.

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