Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you



As a friend of mine said yesterday, our life in God is a state of being. It’s a state of being in God. We were made to live in God. We became separated as a result of the fall - but we were never separated from God’s heart. We have been re-joined and made one as a result of the cross. This is the at-one-ment. It’s the re-making of you and the state of being in which you and our Father are one. This is what Jesus said about Himself and this is how Jesus lived - in union with His Father. Now this union is yours. Jesus has gained it for you and not only Jesus. Father, Son and Holy Spirit conspired to draw all of us back into intimate fellowship with Him. This work is finished and you and Father are one!


All that the Father has belongs to Jesus and all that is the possession of Jesus is your inheritance. Our inheritance is our possession of the relationship that exists between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Embracing this inheritance is the difference between slavery and sonship,
says Paul. As slaves we retain a broken relationship. We continue living in separation when ‘union’ is our possession. As ‘slaves and workers,’ we retain a faulty epistemology that is dualistic and riven because it remains couched in the dichotomies of the knowledge of good and evil. In short we have a deficient gospel - a gospel that ignores our already achieved union with God while making religion out of separation. J Baxter Kruger observes in an excerpt from his novel,

The truth of all truths: [is] Jesus. Jesus in his Father and us in him. Without Jesus, what do you have?” “Not much, I reckon. Just ourselves.”
“Ourselves and ideas of separation from God,” St. John declared in his most authoritative apostolic tone.
“Listen, young Aidan.” And as I did, I felt that my world was about to be shattered. “The assumption of separation is the great darkness.”

His words hit me like a blow to my gut, but before I could recover he continued on. “Then, you see, we have to find our way to God. The Greeks offer their way through their minds; the Pharisees offer theirs through external rules. This is Ophis’s
[Satan’s] chief trick—blind us to how close the Lord is, closer than breath: we’re in him, and he’s in us. Ophis [Satan] deceives the nations by one lie—separation.

Our joy — his face lit up like the rising sun—“is to tell the truth, let the light shine—and persevere the tribulation of enlightenment.”

In ministry our joy can be to tell the truth - or hide it because the identity we think we have is more precious to us than the truth.


David enjoyed joyful fellowship with God and he was an old testament guy. Every Believer has a more complete, a more intense union with God than any old testament figure. The cross undid our history in Adam and began our history in Jesus. He has made the two one and we are incarnated with the Holy Family of the trinity. So you are never alone and never where God is not. God is interwoven in your being and you in His. As a result there are no holy days, no holy places or holy clothes in the new testament age. There are no divisions, no dichotomies and no cleft in reality between sacred and secular. You and Father are one. So don’t facilitate ‘separation’ out of a need to make yourself special through religion. You are already special because you belong.

We can believe this and have an identity in God as sons who are sons in spirit and in truth - or we can seek our identity elsewhere in private perspectives and other husbands that leave us in the status of workers and slaves. But why do this when union with God is already yours?


‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14,20

Jesus endorsed two rites that symbolise what already is. Baptism represents the death of our Adamic life and the rise of our Jesus life. This is a done deal. The Lord’s Table symbolises the accomplishment of heaven for us - God’s being become part of our being just as food becomes our flesh and blood. Thus ‘Those who eat me will live because of me, with the corollary, those who attempt to live from externalities will suffer death in their souls and spirit. Jesus is in you - God is interwoven into you being. The result is that God is anywhere you put your feet. The ground on which you tread comes under the influence of the spirit of sonship.


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