Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


I’ve been watching some dystopian movies on Netflix. Most of them strive to rise above human-bound despair but don’t and are depressing as a result. Frequently the ‘salvation’ offered involves the deaths of many bad people and thousands of good ones. But there’s common theme that is more disturbing than this. People are consistently betrayed by leaders who are sincere people sincerely committed to the cause of bettering human life.

Living to promote Christ as our life we do not betray people. What counts is the ‘way’ that people are bettered. Jesus is both the way to fullness of life, the truth
who is that life and the life itself. Summarised in new covenant terms, the way to infinite and eternal life is found in Christ your life.


Here’s a fact. If you are aligned with the Christ of God and not some self-defined christ. If you are preaching the gospel of the Kingdom and not some gospel that belongs to the kingdom of your denomination. If you are drawing people into a vision of themselves that is Jesus writ personal and Jesus writ large, you can rest in peace and satisfaction. You can luxuriate the comfort of the fact that you - in your life, will have promoted life to the full.

Here’s a fact that flows from this: As minister of the new covenant it can never be said of you that you betrayed even one person. But if you are satisfied to present what you have assumed to be the truth when it is not – out of inertia or because of a childish attachment to some identity you think you need in addition to Jesus. If you have convinced yourself that this un-gospel is a real gospel when it is a charade - you cannot be certain that you have not betrayed people, their hopes and their right to life without measure. It’s probable that you betrayed not only yourself but many others who had a right to know better.