His life as your life


Whether they have been taught the doctrine or not many Christians have more faith in the notion of original sin than they do in the truth of our establishment as sons and daughters of God. We were not in fact born in sin. We were birthed from the womb of the trinity and have been established as sons and daughters of God by their enterprise. We were born of God and have been re-born in the Christ of God.
Because Christ is our life we have new life in our bones, our flesh and our spirit. We are life-giving spirits – each of us can be the expression of Jesus Christ.
We have a real self and a false self. Should we have developed our ‘self’ in ‘another gospel’ our real self will elude us. Non-gospels and false christs insulate us from our Fatherhood in God so that the real self does not grow. The real self is who we are in union with Father. All Believers are notionally one with God. The gospel of Jesus, Paul and John – Christ our life ensure that we are sons of God – our real selves in spirit and in truth.
As Believers we can live in a warped distortion of our real self – a degraded version of a son of God. We can do this by undoing the new creation and accommodating ourselves to a continuing version of the fall – a variety of religion in which Adam is not dead, in which we have not been raised and the Prince of this world still debilitates our life. We are talking life in the old creation, old covenant and the culture of the law of sin and death. Religion that has been made out of perverse gospel is dead even while it claims to be alive – a zombie culture, it makes a virtue of dead folks walking. It claims to be of the Body of Christ while living in the Body of Death.
Many theologians are quick to believe in the global impact of Adam’s fall, but fail to credit the cross with a far greater significance, out of all proportion to Adam’s sin. The same humanity that stood condemned in Adam now stands justified and forgiven in Christ!” Rom.5:18,19. (1)
God believes in you, whether you believe in him or not. Thus we can belong to the body of Christ notionally but be outside it in spirit and in truth. We possess what we believe and what we are is our state of being – not some position we hold or a scripture we can quote. Either Christ is our life or we are not alive, because something else is our life such as the law, or religion or an identity that to us is more precious than our one Husband who is Christ.

(1)Du Toit, Francois. God Believes in You . Mirror Word Publishing. Kindle Edition.