His life as your life


‘Sin’ is not the preoccupation of God. The fulfillment of The Plan – that God will have sons is the plan – which means drawing you into His life.

We are talking relationship. Relationship establishes the order of God in love and life. The law of the spirit of life was in place before the fall. The new and living way that is Christ our life is the re-establishment of this life in you and in us all. Just as the fall precipitated our descent into separation from God, self and others, so the resurrection of Jesus Christ establishes our union with God – a union of the same nature that Jesus has with the Spirit and our Father and a union of the same nature of the communion each member of the trinity has with each other. In this relationship each member of the God Head is part of the other, yet remains fully themselves.

In Christ this is also our relationship with God. We are part of God. We are one with Father, yet fully ourselves. We grow in our sonship and our uniqueness as sons in this union achieved for us by God. We are talking here about a state of being, of fellowship, communion and oneness that results in each person living as a manifestation of God – a son/daughter. This is the fabric of life and the meaning and destiny of your identity and purpose. This is the union that drives out sin. Degradation is driven out because it cannot exist in the presence of absolute life.

Absolute life is taking over your being and you are becoming your real self and ignited with spirit and life.

The big issues is not ‘sin’ because the key issue is not the issue of good and evil or the laws of Moses. The issue is the wonderful personage of Father and the belonging of you as a daughter/son. The issue is your ‘being’ – being in God, being with God and being yourself in Christ. This is why the new covenant is ‘it’ and the old covenant and law is passé. Because Christ is your life, companionship with God is your life. Baxster Kruger observes,

For the most part we see the coming of Jesus as a reaction to the Fall of Adam. But if we take Paul seriously then before the foundation of the world, “the Word of God is on the road to becoming flesh” to lift a great phrase from Professor T. F. Torrance. The Father’s eternal purpose of our adoption in Christ is the reality that drives creation and the incarnation, not the disaster of human sin. That, of course, does not mean sin is not a problem. It just means that the Triune God is preoccupied with the eternal purpose of our adoption not driven by reaction to the Fall.”

Having entered the belonging that is ours in the Holy Family we are marinated in spirit and life. We have become spirit and life. We have passed from actions of something and nothing to being a continuous stream of spirit and life because we are one with our Father. The big issue is Christ in you and more. It is Christ as you. This is life in the Spirit.