His life as your life


We do ourselves a great service if we unearth Jesus’ treasure in the field and live in it and eschew lesser stockpiles that are actually fools gold dressed up as ‘the way.’ God has always drawn all people to Himself and He does this by drawing them into the life of His Son. In this new and living way, the abstractions and fables of the knowledge of good and evil are undone and the misguided path of Adam is truncated by the cross. The life of God rises again in the person of Jesus Christ and God’s life becomes our life in the incarnation that Paul called Christ is our life.


We can live in externalities if we wish and in so doing demonstrate a wooden version of ourselves and the faith, but his is a poor replica of what was meant to be Jesus as us. Our inheritance is not ‘Jesus helping me to be a Christian.’ It is Jesus manifesting by His Spirit as me.

The Message is that Christ becomes you meaning that Christ becomes us, He becomes the church and manifests as the new creation Kingdom of God.


Pluralism of a kind is part of the Kingdom of God – but only in the living-out of Christ in us according to our unique identity and culture. Pluralism never applies to the gospel itself. There is only one gospel: The Gospel of the Kingdom which is the apostles doctrine – the doctrine of Jesus, John and Paul and the reality of Christ come in our flesh.


Assorted interpretations of the gospel have been offered since the age of the apostles. Some of which are ‘other gospels’ and others simply tares – look alike renditions that are no gospel at all. All of them, Paul warned
bring a curse that in some way reduces and distorts the fullness of life that is ours in a simple reception of Christ our life. You can live directly in the undiluted, un-insulated union with God - a union that is real and effective in imparting infinite and eternal life to you. In comparison the mistake of living from religion is guaranteed to dull what could have been a river of the water of life flowing into your being. We can have religion if we wish but we must understand that religion is the celebration of what is not God or life itself.

There are sincere and Godly people who pass to their grave as heroes, having done their best to make something decent out of gospels that are essentially a lie. When the core of our belief is Christs gospel and not some variation that is a reversion to the fall, we are delivered from the task of making ‘work around’ theological rationalisations for beliefs, that were never true in the first place. We need to be clear. ‘Declarations’ and ‘gifts’ will never undo the torpor or ‘busy work’ that results from old covenant separationist religion.


Bradley Jersak has something to say about perspectives, denominational gospels and the deceit of pluralism.

Our particular conceptions of God do affect our Way and Walk in dramatic ways. If I think Ler o’ the Sea saved my son, no harm done. Hopefully, a witness such as St. Patrick will arrive to let me know it was Christ who heard and answered. But if I think Ler demands that I sacrifice my son to the sea, I definitely need a witness to come tell me that’s not what Christ wants. Humanity has created a plethora of violent, sacrificial religions (including Christianity) that need to hear of Abba’s love and learn the Jesus Way.”

The Jesus way is that He is our life. He becomes us and blends us into the Family of God on account of the fact that He is God and one of us. We really do become participants in the divine nature, because as sons we are part of God and the son of God is part of us. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. On the day we realize this we are born again. This is the day we become sons of God in spirit and in truth and the day that the Kingdom of God starts unfolding from our lives.

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