His life as your life


We can live a sophisticated and well educated Christian life, yet live in thinly disguised fundamentalism. A contract in which we believe and do certain things to secure an outcome from God – like approval and acceptance. This might be the version of Christianity into which we have been socialised but it is not the inheritance Jesus has given us. This inheritance is union with God: His life as ours.

Your kingdom life is not an attempt to manipulate God. The Christ-life is that we become who Jesus is and we acquire that which is His.


The TARDIS is bigger inside than it is outside. Life in Jesus is more than it seems – assuming we are talking Christ our life and rather than Christ our Christianity. Our inheritance is not a religion – yet this is where many look for their identity and status. Life in Jesus is the incarnation of His Spirit in our flesh – Jesus as us. Paul pointed us in this direction when he wrote,

‘When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.4 NIV. Christ has appeared and He lives in you. This is the incarnation and the reality that is yours from Pentecost. In God’s thinking you are the manifestation of the trinity. As a son/daughter this will be your thinking.


In Christ we are more than we are and we own this ‘more’. One can have an excellent bank balance and still not be wealthy. For example, a miser living in a poverty mentality is always less than he is - living as a withered self with pinched ideas in the presence of abundance .

Any law-based system of belief is reductionist in that it reduces that which is alive, intricate, disparate and whole to abstractions that are lifeless and disfigured. We are talking of the main effect of the fall – degrees of death flowing from a vision of existence called the knowledge of good and evil. This is the realm of anti-light and anti-life; the realm of secular unbelief and the domain of Christian Fundamentalism with its definitions, positions and disconnection from the being of God. What is the result? The whole is systematically conceived of as less than the sum of the parts with the result that people live in
robbery and lies. Thomas Torrance observes in this context that,

The practical and the epistemological effect of a fundamentalism .. is to give an infallible Bible and a set of rigid evangelical beliefs primacy over God’s self-revelation which is mediated to us through the Bible. This effect is only reinforced by the regular fundamentalist identification of biblical statements about the truth with the truth itself to which they refer. …The living reality of God’s self-revelation through Jesus Christ and in the Spirit is in point of fact made secondary to the Scriptures.” (1) The effect is that such belief is more the product of brain washing and planned indoctrination than it is of companionship with God. Torrance highlights the confusion that besets all law based thinking: The confusion of the words with the substance which is the blindness that Paul calls ‘the letter that kills.


God is I AM but God is not an abstraction. The trinitarian nature of God must be believed in for wholeness, even if not well understood. Because if God is seen as a solitary entity and a divine isolate, God is not love. He’s a kind of autism writ large. The reality is that God is engaged and alive and the source of extravagant spirit and life.

The trinitarian nature of God needs to be declared as sound doctrine because one of the paths of legalism is ‘
oneness theology’ with its denial of the trinity. This is unsurprising as law is always the realm of dead abstractions, false holiness and non-life. The school master must give way to Christ before we can enter the Kingdom of unlimited spirit and life.

An excellent study source on the nature of the trinity is
Trinitarian Conversations Vol 1. This is a small volume in which a group of new covenant theologians unravel the dimensions and the glory of the what it means to belong to and be a manifestation of a trinitarian God.

As human beings we are in fellowship with this God, this God enjoys us, lives in us and we as daughters and sons are a manifestation of the trinity. This expression is called ‘
the sons of God.’ The truth is that we always were sons and daughters – until the fall robbed us of the spirit and truth of our sonship. Since the cross the disjunction caused by Adam is undone. Separation is no more.

This sonship in spirit and truth is ours when we choose to live in Christ rather than in Adam and in Jesus rather than in Moses. Whether the fall is undone for us in spirit and in truth and whether we are part of Christ’s Body in spirit and in truth depends on our believing we do because we create the reality in which we live. This is Joseph Prince’s witness in his book, ‘
The Power of Right Believing.’

The human race is not seen by God as a pain and a nuisance. We have not been give an austerity regime to live in. We are graced with first class travel in the abundance of a trinitarian presence who lives with us and in us. The prime fact of our living is that we are incarnated with God.

The Trinitarian approach does not see a moody Father who was personally offended by our sin, requiring the death of His Son to appease His own bloodlust. The cross did not “satisfy” His anger, but His love. Jesus entered into our own self-imposed “experience” of separation from God – our own psychological calamity we encountered as a consequence of sin. But He was not purchasing the Father’s love. The Father has positively always been for us – even when we were running from Him and setting ourselves up as His enemies. Such a revelation dismisses the idea of a schizophrenic, narcissistic god – a god who only loves sometimes – as long as that love is conditioned by blood sacrifice. The blood was not to pay off an angry god. The blood was an ultimate manifestation of love to redeem us from the corruption of sin. Even God’s wrath is not a separate, dark side of His personality. His wrath is a hot extension of His love – a hatred of the sinfulness that destroys His children.”(2)

God loves you and hates sin’s abuse and degradation of His people. As such God wants you to enjoy the fullness of the prize of His life in us rather than some snippet or dilution of our inheritance that is a sop and a ploy of the Enemy. His plan for you is not for you to be a manifestation of the law or a representation of Christian culture. The plan is that He becomes you. This is Christ come in the flesh. Substitutes for this no matter how well honoured are a production of the
anti-christ spirit.

Agreement with the fact that it’s not about you receiving Christ but that you have been received into His life and fellowship with God is your marriage to your ‘one husband’ – a husband who is neither the law or religion but the Christ of God.

(1) (Thomas F. Torrance, Reality and Evangelical Theology. Westminster Press. 1981. pgs 16,17,18)
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