His life as your life


It’s not that there is a great controversy which Christ barely wins. Is your relationship to God meant to be some kind of an austerity mode. The answer is none of the above.

God is in you and with you. The meaning of life is that God is totally trustworthy and reliable. You have a loving Father who has your best interests at heart. He is for us not against us. Father’s Son is Jesus Christ and this Jesus is the complete revelation of who God is and who you are.


The meaning of your life is that you and Father are one and that your mission is to be yourself as an expression of Jesus Christ. In being this person - this you – you are writing your own chapter in the fabric of the universe and writing it according to your purpose and destiny.

This is the law of the Spirit of life that gives meaning to life, that gives purpose and meaning to all that is and which joins you
to the logos and the Christ.

Let’s be clear. You are already in God. Your godliness is not about you ‘keeping close to Jesus.’ Your Godliness is about you living from the position in which Christ has placed you in companionship with the trinity.


The mission of Jesus was not to add to the mystery of Deity but to bring absolute clarity regarding the person of God as the Father of the human race! “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father. Any idea that we could have had of God that is unlike Jesus would not be true about God! In Jesus the forgotten Father of the human race introduces himself again as our only true Father. Eph 4:5 There is only one faith! Not what we believe about God but what God believes about us!” (1)

It's beneficial to believe what God believes about us. To be joined to truth is to be joined to life without limit and to be immunised against lies. To invent our own ‘truth’ and to attach ourselves to other gospels is to render our membership in the Body of Christ problematic, to rob it of content and divest ourselves of spirit and life.
You could be the expression of Moses Ten laws, but you would be a cardboard cut-out of a person. In the Spirit you are the expression of Christ who has come in your flesh to manifest as you.

(1) Du Toit, Francois. The Logic Of His Love . Unknown. Kindle Edition.