His life as your life


Intimations of immortality fill one with hope. A climate of death multiplies bitterness and cynicism. God is not mean, austere or humourless. God is life itself which means God is laughter and love. Jesus is resurrection and life in person. With Christ in us which is the inheritance of all we live in continual resilience and hope. Bonface Odhiambo writes,


God did not plan the fall of man. God is not the author of evil neither does He tempt anyone with evil. When they fell He already worked out a remedy to restore man back to his original position. He does not plan your down fall at any time as a loving Father, rather He thinks good of you and always gets you out of trouble in this fallen world where evil is always present to oppose you. Paul Ellis says “If you relate to God on the basis of obligation and performance, then you will falsely interpret life’s hardships and spiritual attacks as works of God. Instead of submitting in faith to the unconditional love of the Father and resisting the devil, your unbelief will lead you to submit to the devil and resist the one who loves you.” (1)


Relating to God on the basis of obligation and performance is a life in religion. But it is not a life in God.

Jesus entered the most appalling and atrocious wickedness of all time in order to draw us into the fellowship of God - the crucifixion of the Christ. In doing so He has undone sin and self-alienation from within. He turned this gross wicked act into the door for our own rejuvenation and transformation. We become better people not by copying Him or re-inventing the law. We take on His likeness because His Spirit is in us and
actually becomes us. This is the meaning of the Lord’s Table.


Let’s be clear. In Christ God births healing and His life into you. What is ‘His life?’ It’s the kind of life enjoyed by the members of the trinity. The trinity is the source of life and the life-hub of the universe. It’s a reservoir of real love. By the Spirit, by Christ in you, this real life and real love becomes part of you. It becomes who you are. It ties you into the belonging of God. Christ in you generates real life and quenches the real thirst for life without limit. The law cannot do that. It can only generate religion and religion is the most subtle substitute for the life of God.


The work of anti-christ is religion come in our flesh. The work of Christ is Christ come in our flesh :incarnation. There’s a difference between conformity and spirit and life. We know and experience this difference when we are born again. Born from religion into union with God; a union that is His work. Our work is to agree with Him and rest in what He has done.

God in fullness is in you and with you. The Son of Man is your Friend and your Light. You are never alone and no sin and sinfulness can separate you from God. The bottom line is Jesus’ performance. Not your performance. You are absolutely graced and completely imbued with the Spirit of Christ. You are incarnated. Just believe it and live in His reality.

“His yoke is easy and his burden is light." The word ‘burden’ indicates there is something for us to do that may take boldness and resolve. This is to off-load Christian myths resulting from poor teaching and other gospels. We can bring them to the cross, repent of them and enter a new life of peace and union with God as sons in spirit and in truth.

(1) Odhiambo, Bonface. A book titled, "IN THE EYES OF GRACE": Unveiling Truth as God sees . Unknown. Kindle Edition.