Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


I found this recently. Written by a journalist who was commenting on politics, politicians and the appalling unfitness for office that is revealed in the manner and utterances of some.
it reminded me of one of Solomon’s proverbs that went something like this:

‘The whole world groans
When a fool becomes King.’
The world is groaning now.

The above is not what our journalist wrote. But it is on the same theme. He wrote,

‘Power warps the way we see the world.
And, in particular, that as individual politicians
Move closer to the centre of power,
For whatever combination of reasons,
They are treated differently.
Often, they are attributed qualities
That nobody has ever previously suspected them of possessing.’


This is to say that wisdom is attributed to them when they are not wise. ‘Attributed’ means imagined on account of - well they have this position - therefore they must be competent. If only!

A person who has three thoughts, two slogans and spades of dogmatism rather than 3000 thoughts and a lot of wisdom can give an illusion of certainty. Dogmatism is mistaken by the naïve for certainty and bigotry for clarity. Similar to the religious realm where ‘law’ and morality is mistaken for Godliness.

Demagogue’s and puff-balls can project a fantasy of leadership that a more honest and grounded person - someone with more intelligence and greater education - may be too modest to manufacture.


As I wrote recently there are those who have a following and those who are spiritual leaders. The latter are understated and fly under the radar because they are not self-promoters or creatures of religion. They have authority that exceeds that of the scribes because they are humble, listen a lot. They are always learning and willingly leaving behind religious humbug and nonsense to walk in the fullness of life that is Jesus who has drawn them into Himself and who is propelling them out from Himself as missiles of spirit and life.

Religious leaders can acquire wisdom and spirituality because they are leaders and because they are excellent teachers possessed of Kingdom Treasure.

Or because they are surrounded by a large congregations of religious consumers and sycophants. Some of these leaders are gifted and hear from God. Others are examples of the king’s new clothes. Thrust into leadership these ‘Poo Bears’ of small brain and little insight can actually believe they have wisdom and sagacity. They can believe the lie that they are there because of merit. In some cases they are there because their lack of intelligence makes them no threat to the status quo. Full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit they are not. They are attributed qualities that nobody has ever previously suspected them of possessing and which they actually do not possess. They are the kind of person of which it may be said without malice,

‘A man whose ambition exceeds his ability..
Who is as unintelligent as a horse, together with an inability to perceive himself as he actually is.’

There are people whose penetrating vision makes them outsiders wherever they go. But they are not ‘outside’ in terms of the Kingdom. They are the salt of the earth and the hope of the Kingdom. Like Jesus, their life can appear to end in failure. Also, like Jesus they plant seeds that grow into trees of life.


I remember a man of integrity, intellect, and sharp literary skill who retired from a publishing house. He was followed by a good and simple man of small intellect and minimal writing talent. But it mattered not to those who put him there. Mattered not, because he was chosen to hold the ideological line against encroaching truth – an encounter which might demolish the foundation on which the denomination was built. Again, I can think of an educational institution in which the least educated and least intelligent person on the staff became the principal of the church school. Why? Because an investment had been made in fables and humbug.

But it is not mere chance that the least qualified and ‘dumbest’ people can make their way into executive positions. This is a feature of the culture of law-mongers, fundamentalists and ideologues – living examples of those without the Son having no life.

Having chosen their own way over the new and living way they have constricted themselves by themselves and become bound by the coils of the python spirit IN LIMITATION. They are imprisoned by the law. Fenced in by its compartmentalised thinking they are shackled in wheel chairs of limitation and religion. Their law culture dulls the spirit, drugs the soul and shrinks intelligence so that they generate a culture of conceit and mediocrity. Those who have the Son have life. Those who have themselves do not have life.


We can be alive and electrified with more spirit and life than we have ever imagined – if we are not double minded; if we are not glued to our religious identity like a fly to sticky fly-catching paper hanging from the ceiling and if we are so into Jesus, so one with Him as our life that Jesus has substituted His ideas for ours.

None need be afraid of truth other than those who have made an investment in lies. None need be insecure when we live in the assurance that our identity is not inter-woven with what is really myth and twaddle.