His life as your life


We can assemble outwardly imposing theologies for maintaining the law and the old covenant into the New Testament age. But these are no more cogent than the man in the supermarket checkout who claims he is the King of Siam.

What you can say if you are a new covenant Believer is that you are a son of God in spirit and in truth. As an old covenant practitioner you can say that maybe you will be one day. It depends if you define yourself by what you do as a son of the
Free Woman or a son of the slave woman.

In the new covenant Christ is your life. As an expression of Jesus, you are a son of God and a priest/king. In the law you remain a wannabee.

Keep in mind that Jesus used the healing of lepers as healing from Adam’s disease: Separation from God. As an expression of the law the best we can do is to be a slightly improved zombie, trying to put the best look on our decaying parts.

Any law based culture stifles creativity, imagination and intelligence. Paul said ‘The letter kills’ because it does. It is anti-life and ultimately anti-God. All life in the Spirit of Christ makes you more than you are.