His life as your life


The Enemy is the father of lies and as such the creator of darkness. Satan’s ploy in the garden was to suggest another version of reality – a lie that insinuated a lesser version of our Father and a limited version of ourselves. As we know this lie began the path to human degradation. Paul referenced this when he warned that any other gospel, other than the gospel of Jesus and the apostles places us under a curse.

The essence of sin is to choose our light in preference to Christ’s light. The essence of disease is to perpetrate half truths in the name of life.


The truth is that through the cross, forgiveness, belonging and the life of God has been made available to the whole world. But the ‘light’ is even better than common Christian ideology. The truth is that it’s not about us receiving Christ. The truth is that we have been received into His life. We can believe this or walk in our own ‘light’.

This ‘false light’ can take the form of legalism, ‘try harder gospels’, moralism, imagined separation of the self from God, a gospel of signs and wonders disconnected from the new covenant or an old covenant lingering in a pre-cross mindset. We must avoid stagnating here even though we are privy to a new inheritance in the new covenant age – the inheritance that takes the form of
Christ our life and we and our Father being one.


The cross and the resurrection produce a change of being – a change wrought by a real and active personal God to take effect in the totality of your being. Salvation is not just about definitions and positions as we may imagine if we have been raised in a legalistic culture with an epistemology of legalism. The Kingdom is
Christ our life.


We are not of Christ’s Body because we have found a scripture about the ‘one loaf.’ We are one because Christ is our life and we live in the Christ of God, His gospel and His account of who we are in Jesus. This is an
ontological relationship in which we are in God and God is in us by atonement and incarnation. The curse of ‘other gospels’ lights on us when we adopt a narrative that is ours and not God’s.

Jesus has gathered
creation into Himself. As His disciples and sons our privilege is to live from our position in fellowship with the trinity so that we are agents of the new creation in spirit and in truth. We can be notional agents as sons of the slave woman, we can live respectable Christian lives – but still represent a form of Godliness rather than the witness of the sons of God. Life is found in His life, His Gospel, His light and His vision of who we are when Jesus is us.

What light is your ‘light?’

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life’ John 8.12.


Life-giving faith must be grounded in Jesus who came declaring that, ‘I am the light of the cosmos. I have come so that those who are in me will not remain in darkness.’
We are the blind ones. Jesus has received us into His life and fellowship with Father. He is the light. He has received us into His Himself as the light. He is shining His light into our life from within and without. Will we insist that we are the light or that He is our light?


Will we insist on our darkness, which is our own gospel and demand that Jesus repents of His Gospel and of being the light and the life? Will we agree that we have been received into His light or will we continue in our self-generated fictions, our made-up identity and our false self? Will we insist that Jesus accept our ‘light’ as the valid gospel?

We are not bound to participate in
the belonging that is already ours. We can cling to our own narrative, our own light and say, ‘Your light is deficient Jesus. We had to fix it up. We cut a bit off it and added a bit to it and called it ‘our perspective’. We have our own gospel and our own ‘light.’


It’s possible to live an entire life of ministry promoting a gospel that is a moderate perversion of the apostles doctrine or a complete delusion. Some will only see their error when they have departed the body and are in the presence of Jesus. They tried hard labouring with a broken plough. But they would have been more fruitful had they lived in His Gospel rather than one of their own.

Should we continue in our illusion, we are choosing our darkness over His Light. Which is the essence of sin - people who call light darkness and darkness light. Don’t ask Jesus to repent of His Gospel. Don’t sow tares in a field. Don’t distribute the seeds of non-life that are a cancer that kills people in the name of life.