His life as your life


God is a person and a state of being. We are the most alive when we are in God and God is in us.* In Him we live, move and have our being – if we are living as a ‘we’ who is a son rather than a ‘we’ who is a worker or slave.

‘God is relationship, and an event of communion’. The fall occurred as a result of mistrust of God and belief in a lie – a lie that replaced the truth that God loves us with infinite love and lives to secure the best for us in every facet of living. This is why Jesus came as light (truth) and life (love) in person – because this is what God is.


Adam and Eve and the creation lived in this relationship and this communion. No separation here. Everything and everyone was part of this communion of joy and love. There was no law as some would have it – no law other than this relationship of love, trust and joy. It was not so named but Paul named it following the cross and resurrection of Jesus as the law of the spirit of life: Relationship, communion, togetherness, harmony and purpose. This is the dynamic of the trinity and it is the dynamic of all genuine spirit, life and personhood.


The Jews got the law because they drew back and elected not to enter the communion offered them in God. Those who refuse the new covenant get the same today: A network of rules and routines that is a Christian adaptation of the knowledge of good and evil – a few breaths of life but largely dead folks walking. What they miss out on is incarnation - or most of it.

The more we substitute the law, rites, rules and holy mannerisms the more we quench the manifestation of
God as ourselves which is why this is called quenching the Spirit. We can draw back from this and continue in our maudlin routine or we can dive into the River of Life itself. This river is the trinity and the stream of infinite being and identity that flows from God through Jesus and Holy Spirit into all who agree that Jesus is their life.


Incarnation equals oneness. It is at its most vital when un-encumbered by motions and additions of our own. Union with God simply is – so just let it be. ‘Oneness’ is not something we do. It’s what is ours in our state of communion. Thomas Keeting and Thomas Merton are not presenting to us some new method. They are just upholding the truth of the ages – Christ in us which is God our life.

* The reality that is ours is the reality that we believe in. Which is why truth matters and why there is more to being spiritually alive than simply belonging to Christian community. Our first parents lived in union with God – until Satan managed to distort their beliefs about God. The result was separation in spirit which resulted in separation in the creation. Truth undoes separation. Which is seen in the fact that Jesus Christ lives to draw all things into Himself.