His life as your life


The Enemy has a method and that method is to subvert the Kingdom from within by suggesting and multiplying ‘false christs’. We might dispense with the idea that ‘false christs’ are cultic or demonic figures, although they can be. False christs are usually more subtle than this. They are renderings of the gospel of the Kingdom and the person of Jesus that are inaccurate and distorted.
The strategy here is to undo the Kingdom at the base by subverting the foundation of our inheritance. It’s the kind of gospel Paul described as ‘No gospel at all.’ John describes attitudes that eliminate the incarnation in favour of the law or religion as having their source in the
anti-christ spirit. It’s clear from this scripture that this spirit is often at large in well accepted teaching that forms part of the structure of the church.
Knowledge of God is only by grace. We cannot know God unless God gives us the gift of knowing Himself. Jesus continues to say, “no one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.” This closed circle of fellowship opens up to us through the grace of Jesus Christ. He graciously reveals God to us; we do not work our way up into knowledge of God.” (1)
Jesus reveals God to us in our heart and unveils Himself as He is. Thus His effect is not a moral program but entirely the replication of His life in us and as us. Jesus is not a clever way of adjusting the regime of the knowledge of good and evil. He is the living way of restoring us to infinite life and bonding us into communion with the trinity.
A genuine pursuit of God’s truth will subject us to increasing revelation of Jesus Christ and His gospel. The pure in heart see God as He is, know themselves as they are and are full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit.
(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (pp. 32-33). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.