His life as your life


It’s curious that we can lay claim to our own perspective, go all out to manufacture specialness and even think we have some fresh revelation to add to that of Jesus and the apostles doctrine. We can obsess about being part of the Body while at the same time demonstrating to those who can see that our gospel is not His gospel, because it has been altered to the extent that Adam has not been undone and Moses has been re-invented in a new and subtle guise. A guise that casts doubt on the at-one-ment and suffocates the incarnation.


Certainly we all do belong to the Body of Christ when we lay claim to His Belonging and do not attempt to ‘make-up’ a belonging of our own. That there are ersatz ‘belongings’ is intimated in Jesus’ warning about false christs and paddocks of tares. If there are false christs there are false gospels and of course false bodies of christ.

Nevertheless all who believe in Christ belong to His Body even if we have allied ourselves with beliefs that are another christ and another gospel. That which counts for wellness, vigour and spirit and life is the possession of the gospel of Christ and the apostles. It is this gospel that is the bread of life in comparison to which ‘
other gospels’ of the kind spoken of by Paul are junk food. We can belong to the Body of Christ yet be cursed.

Richard Rohr emphases the reality of the incarnated Christ as the ground of our being while Thomas Torrance assures us that we are certified and made one with God in the reality that is called the vicarious humanity of Christ. This is the key reality of the Christian Age. It’s what separates religion from Kingdom and dead men talking from live people imparting God’s
spirit and life. Rohr writes,

“We enjoy our arguments and our divisions into parts. Yet throughout the Scriptures, we were given statements like these:
• “When everything is reconciled in him . . . God will be all in all.” (1 Corinthians 15:28)
• “There is only Christ. He is everything and he is in everything.” (Colossians 3:11)
• “All fullness is found in him, through him all things are reconciled, everything in heaven and everything on earth.” (Colossians 1:19–20)

This is not heresy, universalism, or a cheap version of Unitarianism. This is the Cosmic Christ, who always was, who became incarnate in time, and who is still being revealed. This is the Christ of whom the incarnation makes you a part. It is the Christ of whom you eat and as a result become part of His life.

He waits to be fully revealed in you and I and the church. He is as we live in the Spirit – which is to say living in the new covenant truth of the incarnation where God is woven into us and we into God. This is the Kingdom and new creation life.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (pp. 47-48). SPCK. Kindle Edition.