His life as your life


Most of us cling to the false self because we want to – because we think this is the only self we have. This is why we can find ourselves clinging to a false identity that is the other side of the false gospel coin.

There’s a self that is us in the Father of Life and self that is us in the father of lies. We can do some good as the latter self. But here we are a smudged and faded self, compared to the clear delineation of our identity – our authentic self - when Christ is our life.


A field of false selves is a paddock of tares. Jesus identified them as the sons of the Evil One. They are not immoral people. They just live from another gospel that is the not the full gospel of Christ our life. Richard Rohr observes,

The ego self is the self before death; the soul is real only after we have walked through the death of our ever fading False Self and come out larger and brighter on the other side. Hafiz, the fourteenth-century Persian mystic poet, says it as only he can: “God is trying to sell you something, but you don’t want to buy. This is what your suffering is: Your fantastic haggling, your manic screaming over the price!” (1)


We can attempt bargains and create fictions all our lives. We can pass into the grave having never become the us who we are because the security that we think we have in our false identity and association deceives us into thinking we are fully alive. But we are actually semi-effaced. We may choose to bury our real self in the ground because we think Jesus is a hard man, requiring too much. Then again we can go for a deeper baptism a more complete death so that when we surface on the other side we have shed the husks and emerged in greater fullness in the Spirit of Sonship.

We will live full as sons in the new earth. Our new birth begins the spirit of sonship in this one. There’s a self that is you that is spirit and life.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.