His life as your life


What is being born again? It’s Christ being us rather than ‘we being us’. When Jesus is called the First Born of the new creation that is what He is. As the representative of all us Jesus is the new human who lives in God. Because Jesus is us we are alive in the Last Adam.

We can modify this if we like and see Jesus as the Igniter of a list of holy doings. But this is to make Him far less than He is and results in our becoming much less than we are. Moses’ list and any contrived list is always finite, usually partisan and often arrived at to earn belonging with God and an identity with man.

But you already belong.

You are already in God and already a son. The key manifestation of the Spirit of God is you. It’s called Christ come in the flesh: Yours.

Agree that Christ is in you and that Christ is your life. This opens the door to His grace, rest and spirit and life. Our roles is just ‘to be’ in God. Here we are formed in to our real self – not in Adam but in Christ.

“Rebirth is a completed fact for all humanity in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. New Creation is God’s work, not man’s! Do you remember the words of Paul? “All things have become new.”

New Creation rebirth has nothing to do with any of us. All things have become new because Jesus Christ, the New Man, marks the beginning of the new creation. It’s all about Him. He was born again. We are born again only in Him. We cannot believe our way into it, we can only see that it is so, and thank God for it.” (1)

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(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 86). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.