His life as your life


Christ in you is the special manifestation of the original intention and the basic plan – the plan in which as sons and daughters of God we humans would be the expression of God. We are the expression of God by intention, by creation and by redemption. Thus the mode of being ‘Godly’ has always been ‘God becoming you.’


The issue of the ages has always been the Fatherhood of God and the sonship of ourselves. It still is. Life has everything thing to do with the ‘who’ of God and the ‘who’ of us. When Jesus declares that He has come to give all life to the full, He is declaring His intention to lead us into that life and be that life for us and in us in the way that was always intended: We are sharers in the companionship and life of the trinity.


“This awesome and even presumptuous message of divinization was supported by Genesis 1: 27 and 5: 2 where we are told that we are “created in the image and likeness of God.” Many tomes of theology have been written to clarify this quote, and this was the consensus. “Image” was defined as our objective DNA that marked us as creatures of God from the very beginning, before we could do anything right or anything wrong.

The divine indwelling was a total gratuitous gift, standing presence, and guarantee; it is the Holy Spirit living within us, sometimes called “uncreated grace.” We were the containers, “temples,” or recipients of this gift. In a certain sense, it had nothing to do with us, and yet said everything about our core identity. It gave every human being an inherent dignity, which I am calling in this book your True Self and your immortal diamond. This for Christians is “the rock of salvation.” The indwelling divine image moves toward fulfillment in each of us, like a slow-release probiotic or super vitamin. This was, without doubt, the “original blessing.” (1)


This is indeed the original and retrieved blessing. The possession of it determines whether we will be hawkers of religion or bearers of life. As the expressers of God in our being we are vessels of life in ourselves. We are not adapting ourselves to abstractions we are being all that it means to be life itself.

Life leads to good morality – not morality to life. It is our state of being as indwelt sons that produces the fruits of the Spirit of Sonship. Adherence to gifts and fruits does not make us sons of God. God manifest as us by creation and by redemption helps us to see ‘the law’ as the wild-goose chase that it is. Captivity to the law produces a false christ, a distorted god, a false gospel and a false self. Get with what John declared, ‘In Jesus is life and that life is the life of human beings.’

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self. SPCK. Kindle Edition.