His life as your life



Paul who once chained people up or for being themselves in God, passed by his new birth into Paul who released people from religious chains. He releasd them because he had been made free of such chains. He writes,

But whatever I am now, it is all because God poured out his special favour on me—and not without results. For I have worked harder than any of the other apostles; yet it was not I but God who was working through me by his grace’

Paul was impelled from within by the Spirit of life to spread the gospel and freedom and holiness – free from religion.


Sin is more than our taking pleasure in fornications and adulteries. It’s more than our addiction to drugs and self-promotion. It’s more than an addiction to our own ideas - although not much more. It manifests as an obsession with following our own way at the expense of His new and living way.

Jesus did not berate people about their sins. He urged them to receive Him as their life.

The model for life to the full is the trinitarian life with each other. This joy in fellowship and mutual celebration of each other while living in the glory of our true self is the self-multiplying life of God given to us by Jesus and called ‘life to the full.’

Sin is an antipathy to God and therefore an antipathy to life. Sin is any form of unlife. There’s a one letter difference between lie and life. The difference is subtle yet degrading. The saying ‘sin is sin’ is a nonsense and a truth. Sin is the perversion of the good, as in the perversion of a work ethic into a workaholism. All sin is not the same, just as water can be drunk in a glass or water it carry you out to see in a rip. But there is a worse effect of sin.


Ultimately, the greatest problem for God in regards to human sin is that sin interferes with love. In the most simple expression, sin is that which opposes the love of God. Sin is that which stands in the way of our adoption.

The primary motivation for God to deal with sin is not, contrary to Western legalism, a legal obligation from God to punish sin. God does not oppose sin because it breaks His rules. God opposes sin because sin gets in the way of His love for the human race. Sin is met with the Divine Yes, and the Divine No. A joyful Yes to loving us, and adopting us into His eternal fellowship, but a firm No to our contradiction.” (1)


We can oppose ourselves to the love of God by adopting alternative gospels and deviant plans of salvation. Rejecting the new covenant and a reversion of the law as a legitimate gospel is one such sin. It stands in the way of our adoption by insulating us in Adam’s separation. It stands in the way of our adoption by diluting the foundation of the Christian Age with assorted works and partial atonements. It suffocates the incarnation in our being.

Contrary to how some would have it, the foundation of Kingdom of Life is not gifts of the Spirit, signs or miracles of healing. The accomplishment of the cross and the foundation of your life is that you and Father are one.


There are places in which one could heal every disease in the entire church – and the people would remain unhealed. Unhealed in their being because they live in the old covenant, separated in their minds by the law and insulated from the fellowship and oneness that is already theirs because. Insulated from life because they are living out of their self-made contract with God. Namely ‘I will do this so that God will do that’. Such a mindset makes God our lackey and reduces us to workers and slaves. The Kingdom of God is not the sons of the slave woman with the gifts added. The Kingdom of God is Christ come in our flesh.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 48). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.