His life as your life


False Christs generate tainted gospels. These un-gospels give the impression that God is mean and if not mean certainly like the austere one who said, ‘We are not amused.’ Other ‘gospels’ assure us that we that we came from God accompanied by an implied threat that we better keep busy with the ‘contract’.

Others are satisfied when people continue their subsistence routine under God’s frown. I read a book once about certain Hebrew worthies who figured in the life of the old testament. You could summarise the theme of the book as. ‘The should have tried harder.’

The theme of every ‘fall tainted’ teaching is ‘self effort.’

One of the remarkable things to observe in our time is the imprisonment of sensible people in flawed ideas – because they have been socialised (indoctrinated) into them by the community in which they have been raised or live. Or because they prefer a lie to the truth.

Jesus gives us a choice. We can live in a lie or a life. He is here to set the
captives free.


There’s a variety of religion that exists to aid us in cajoling ourselves into Godliness. I worked under a leader who went to America for a conference. He came back and told us what he had learned. He said, ‘When you look at your pupils you should see them as Christ. You should treat them and teach them as such.’ There’s a small element of truth in this – but not much. We do well when we embrace Christ as our real selves which means we agree with Father that Jesus is our life. In Christ we are all becoming who we are in Christ – if we are in Christ and not in the law. How we treat others depends on the kind of Jesus we have embraced – a manipulator or the One who regenerates us as Himself.


I had heard this kind of talk before at school conferences. Nothing about the Spirit of Christ in us. But a lot of externalities used to cajole and manipulate the self into shaping up, trying harder and conning the self into being ‘Christ-like.’ But He did not leave us a gospel of behavior modification. He left Himself in the Spirit to be our life in the body. Much of what is purveyed as ‘christianity’ is not our inheritance in Jesus, but rather a parody of Kingdom life as the Israel Folau hubbub indicates.

Jesus did not leave us a revived version of the knowledge of good and evil. He left Himself to become ‘the us’ that we were born to be. There’s no love in the law and no real power to be a loving and gracious person, which is why operatives in legalistic institutions can be mean or outright
depraved. The law will either make us a wooden non-entity or a menace to the Kingdom of God. Any system that relies on externalities to achieve righteousness is not only bound to fail but destined to foster more evil than good.


You are not separated from God. You don’t get to fellowship with God by earning it. God has put you in His company. He has woven Himself into your being. So we need to talk less about receiving Christ and more about the reality that is ours: He has received us into His life. What is His life? Communion with our Father and Holy Spirit.


Jesus is good news. Not pretend good news. “
When Christ was born, the message the angels brought was good news to all the people. Good news is only good if you are included in it, all mankind was included in this report. The angels proclaimed peace and goodwill towards all men. God has declared peace to all mankind, He is not at war with us, He has reconciled Himself to us. Reconciliation was not our initiative, - no - it has always been in His mind.

Religion still portrays a God who is at war with His creation. Remember the cross, that's the real picture, His purpose has clearly been portrayed through the cross, everything has changed in our favour. His plans for humanity are not at stake, nothing has jeopardized His purpose and intents for man. He found us in Christ before we fell in Adam. He has expressed goodwill to man. Goodwill simply means good intentions to us. He cannot proclaim goodwill to us and give us the opposite. We should arm our minds with this understanding.” (1)

Let’s arm ourselves with this understanding and become persons rather than religious adherents. Let’s believe this and live from His life rather than from a belief system. Let’s embrace Christ as our life so that we will be the expression of Him rather than a clothes horse on which to hang pieties.

There is the Christ of God and there are false christs who are the product of our own fears and the ‘other gospels’ Paul warned of. A Christ subordinate to the law who lives to empower the law is not the Christ who came from God and was the Jesus of Nazareth. Such ‘christ’ bring a curse because they lie at the core of our being in the place of the real Jesus who will reveal Himself to those who follow where ever He leads with an undivided heart. The pure in heart see God. With a divided heart we see our self-created illusions.

(1) Odhiambo, Bonface. A book titled, "IN THE EYES OF GRACE": Unveiling Truth as God sees . Unknown. Kindle Edition.